13 Completely different Forms of Bamboo for Residence or Backyard

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Focus image on beautiful green reeds of the bamboo plant

Introducing Bamboo

Welcome to the massive household of bamboo vegetation. The bamboo plant household is a brilliant various group of perennial flowering vegetation which might be additionally evergreen. Because of this they’ve stems and leaves that persist and stay inexperienced all 12 months spherical. Bamboo is a part of the subfamily bambusoidae, they usually’re surprisingly a part of the grass household!

Bamboo vegetation are completely fascinating in the way in which that they develop. Additionally they have a brilliant important financial influence in addition to cultural significance within the locations that they’re native to. Some might solely know of bamboo for its decorative use, however it has a lot extra to supply.

The bamboo plant can be utilized in methods that you could be by no means have even considered. All through this text we’ll undergo a few of their wonderful makes use of, the place they arrive from, how they work, and totally different forms of bamboo as nicely. Whereas the vast majority of them are finest grown as an out of doors plant, surprisingly there are additionally some which you could develop indoors as nicely!

What’s a Bamboo Plant?

Line up bright green straight bamboo stalks

Bamboo is called being one of many quickest rising vegetation on the planet, with some species rising a completely baffling 36 inches inside a mere 24 hour interval. That is because of their distinctive root system comprised of rhizomes.

A rhizome is principally an underground storage facility that incorporates all the moisture and vitamins essential to hold a plant alive and thriving. There are two kinds of bamboo that develop based mostly off of this underground root system, they usually’re divided into clumping bamboo and operating bamboo.

Clumping bamboo is a much more manageable bamboo kind as a result of rhizomes unfold vertically and steadily, creating a brilliant dense bamboo patch that tends to develop shorter than the opposite selection.

Working bamboo is a really aggressive kind of bamboo as a result of rhizomes unfold horizontally and shortly, and new shoots shortly emerge from the spreading rhizomes. These varieties are arduous to handle and are finest saved contained earlier than they take over a complete space.

With every kind of bamboo, they develop by culms. A culm is principally a stalk of bamboo however that’s hole and rounded, principally like a reed. A bamboo stalk is tremendous sturdy and grows unbelievable quick. Leaves will develop on the tops of those culms.

The place does Bamboo Develop?

Gorgeous and expansive forest of bamboo stalks growing tall

Bamboo grows just about all around the world. It grows very prosperously in areas which might be heat and moist, all all through tropical and temperate climates.

These are some fairly resilient vegetation and they are often discovered rising wild in all kinds of various climates, together with scorching tropical areas, highland cloud forests, and even colder mountainous areas.

Bamboos might be discovered all all through east Asia, Australia, Chine, Central America, Indian, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and even within the southern United States. It’s arduous to call their USDA rising zone, as a result of every bamboo can develop in a very totally different kind of local weather.

How is Bamboo Used?


Nearly all of individuals know of bamboo for its decorative plant worth. Due to its distinctive development behavior and fast development price, bamboo is commonly used to make pure fences, as a hedge plant, or to create a pure display.

Bamboo shoots develop tremendous carefully collectively and create a dense display in order to create some privateness in your property. Not solely that, they’ve pretty leaves that create some motion and further greenery.

Cooked bamboo canes sitting in a basket for cooking


Bamboo shoots are additionally edible and splendidly nutritious. They are often eaten both uncooked or cooked, although the method of cooking normally helps take away among the pure bitter taste of the shoot.

The bamboo culm is a very talked-about ingredient in numerous Asian cuisines, they are often fermented or utilized in broths. Bamboo leaves can be utilized as wrappers to make steamed dumplings, and the plant may even be tapped and sap is collected to make a candy wine!


One other nifty use for bamboo is thru creating gas! Very similar to you’ll use wooden charcoal, there’s such factor as bamboo charcoal. It’s constituted of a selected species of mature bamboo and chunks are burned at a brilliant excessive temperature to create charcoal, which might then be used as gas.


Bamboo additionally has tons of makes use of as uncooked materials. Approach again within the date of us would use bamboo bark as a writing medium, very like you’ll use paper. In a while it was tailored to create bamboo pulp which was then made into precise paper.

Even additional, younger shoots have been collected and principally become quills. The top can be lower at a brilliant sharp angle and you’ll then dip the younger shoot into ink. What a nifty option to invent a writing utensil!

Moreover, bamboo can be damaged right down to its fibers and made into textiles. Younger shoots have been additionally typically used historically as structural components for ladies’s clothes, like in bustles and corsets.


Bamboo can also be extremely helpful with regards to development purposes! Bamboo culms have a really spectacular energy to weight ratio, and they’re extraordinarily versatile; they’ll bend shockingly far with out breaking.

Again within the day bamboo was used to assist assemble bridges, to create housing, rafts, grates, and fencing, and it’s even used at the moment for small scale scaffolding. It is because bamboo is tremendous sturdy however has sufficient give in order that the construction can face up to excessive climate situations.

What are some Forms of Bamboo?

Now given that you’re actually right here: the totally different species and kinds of bamboo. We’ve organized it into two sections with subsections to be able to higher navigate the species in keeping with what you’re utilizing it for.

Firstly, it’s been divided into operating and clumping varieties, since that is the primary and most essential determinant. Then we’ve divided every of these sections up into vegetation which you could develop indoors and vegetation which you could develop outdoor.

Working Bamboo

Remembering that the overwhelming majority of operating bamboo varieties are tremendous aggressive and even thought of as being invasive generally, it’s protected to imagine that almost all of those varieties can solely be grown exterior due to their measurement and quick development price.

Even for those who do have a yard sufficiently big to develop them in, put together to do some main crowd management since these guys unfold in a short time and develop very tall.

A) Outside Crops

Long and thick reeds of golden groove bamboo

Golden Groove Bamboo (Phyllostachys Aureosulcata) – this bamboo selection grows fortunately in USDA rising zones 5 by 11, making it a plant that’s fairly tolerant to each cooler temperatures and tremendous scorching temperatures as nicely.

Golden groove bamboo grows to be 15-25 ft in peak on common and may develop as much as 5 ft per 12 months, making nice for many who are in search of a brilliant quick rising selection for hedging.

That is an evergreen plant that’s simply recognized by its tremendous straight slender canes which might be embellished with golden grooves alongside their size. On the high there are gentle inexperienced leaves.

Lovely foliage of the kuma bamboo plant

Kuma Bamboo (Sasa Veitchii) – kuma bamboo will probably be happiest in USDA rising zones 6 by 9, which means that it may tolerate a little bit little bit of chilly, however isn’t too keen on tremendous scorching temperatures both.

This can be a selection that doesn’t develop too tall. It hovers round 2-3 ft tall (generally as much as 5 ft if it’s rising in full shade) however its impressiveness lies in its unfold: it may develop to be 30 ft in distance!

Kuma bamboo is a dwarf selection and doesn’t appear like the usual bamboo plant. It has thick and brief stems which might be adorned with deep inexperienced leaves that turn out to be bicolored within the fall with straw coloured margins. These are grown for his or her winter foliage.

Incredible tall reeds of the guadua bamboo plant growing into the sky

Guadua Bamboo (Guadua Angustifolia) – this can be a bamboo species that’s going to thrive in USDA zone 10-12, which means that it strictly desires to develop in locations which might be heat all 12 months spherical.

Guadua bamboo is an extremely spectacular plant that’s the strongest and tallest bamboo kind. These qualities make it a very powerful bamboo species within the development trade.

On this utility it’s known as “vegetal metal” due to its energy and flex. Additionally they develop tremendous shortly and dominate forest colonies, turning them into “guaduales”.

Guadua bamboo culms develop to be 5 inches in diameter and generally as tall as 100 ft. They’re additionally a species that may develop a completely baffling 36 inches inside a day.

Bright green arrow bamboo growing in a stand

Arrow Bamboo (Pseudosasa Japonica) – rising bamboo in zones 7-8 would be the finest for this decorative selection. Because of this it is going to be happiest when rising in a extra temperate local weather with much less excessive situations.

Arrow bamboo is principally used as a decorative selection as a result of it’s extra manageable than most and is enticing seeking to boot. It produces very tight clusters of skinny bamboo culms.

Every arrow bamboo culm will solely develop to be 10-20 ft in peak, making it excellent for hedging. The bamboo canes are very darkish inexperienced with mild inexperienced leaves, creating a really pretty plant.

This plant will get its identify as a result of traditionally, Samurai warriors would harvest younger arrow bamboo stems and use them to create arrows by sharpening the ends.

Beautiful yellow stalks of the bamboo plant

Chilean Bamboo (Chusquea Culeou) – Chilean bamboo will develop happiest whether it is in USDA rising zones 7-8. This can be a extra strict rising vary, and these are finest grown in climates just like that as Chile.

Chilean bamboo will normally develop to be 20-26 ft in peak and every patch will probably be round 4 ft round. They’ve pretty strong stems which might be olive inexperienced in shade they usually’re adorned with slim, lance formed inexperienced leaves.

Lovely yellow and green bamboo culms growing in a sunny forest

Big Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Giganteus) – this can be a very spectacular evergreen number of bamboo that strictly grows in USDA rising zones 9 by 11, which means that they’ll do their finest in tropical climates.

Big bamboo is strictly that: big. It’s identified or being the tallest and quickest rising bamboo varieties, with stems reaching 80-100 ft in peak. Not solely that, they’re the thickest culms as nicely, with a single culm being 12 inches in diameter.

Big bamboo has thick, boring inexperienced culms which might be tremendous thick. They will develop as much as 12 inches each single day, and are subsequently used for development, for furnishings, and just about every other utility you’ll be able to consider.

B) Indoor Crops

Beautiful black stalks of the black bamboo plant

Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys Nigra) – black bamboo tends to be probably the most blissful when it has the prospect to dwell in USDA zone 7-10, however because it’s a extra manageable measurement, it can be grown indoors!

Black bamboo shoots first emerge a yellow/inexperienced shade and finally mature into a shocking darkish brown/black shade if they’re planted in direct daylight. They’re accompanied by brilliant inexperienced leaves, creating fairly the placing distinction.

Black bamboo if grown in a container can really be fairly manageable. They’ll develop to be about 6 ft tall if in a container, however as much as 30 ft exterior of a container. They are often confined in your backyard as nicely.

Clumping Bamboo

Although clumping bamboo is way extra manageable and doesn’t unfold so far as operating bamboo does, it’s nonetheless has the potential to develop tremendous tall! That being mentioned, rising bamboo in a confined space is a option to management this selection, they usually received’t be as outrageous to handle!

A) Outside Crops

Hedge bamboo growing ornamentally

Hedge Bamboo (Bambusa Multiplex) – hedge bamboo is called being the preferred and finest hedge bamboo plant, and it’ll develop happiest in USDA rising zones 7 and eight.

Although this can be a clumping selection, they nonetheless obtain a reasonably spectacular measurement. These slim clumps of deep inexperienced, pencil skinny culms can attain heights of 35 ft!

Small umbrella bamboo plants growing in containers outdoors

Umbrella Bamboo (Fargesia Murielae) – umbrella bamboo is without doubt one of the extra chilly hardy kinds of bamboo and might be blissful all 12 months lengthy when rising in USDA zones 5 by 9, making them reasonably chilly hardy vegetation.

Umbrella bamboo is taken into account as being some of the lovely varieties. It has mild blue stems that develop right into a golden yellow shade with slim, brilliant inexperienced leaves.

Umbrella bamboo stems are a brilliant manageable measurement as nicely, solely rising to be 10-15 ft in peak in clumps which might be 3-5 ft extensive.

Stunning giant japanese bamboo stalks growing into the sky

Big Japanese Bamboo (Phyllostachys Bambusoides) – this can be a great kind of bamboo that is essential with regards to development bamboo rising. They develop fortunately in USDA rising zones 7 by 10.

Big Japanese bamboo is the second largest selection on the market. Spectacular evergreen canes develop to be 25-70 ft tall. They first emerge brilliant inexperienced and finally fade right into a shiny yellow inexperienced.

B) Indoor Crops

Adorable panda bear snacking on large leaved bamboo

Giant Leaved Bamboo (Indocalamus Tesselatus) – the massive leaved bomboo plant will develop fortunately outdoor in USDA zones 5 by 8, however it’s manageable sufficient to be grown as an indoor plant as nicely. (Additionally it is well-known for being the popular meals of  panda bears!) 

That is an evergreen selection that may be a semi dwarf species, solely rising to be 6-10 ft tall relying on how nicely you’ll be able to handle it. Additionally they develop slim, shiny inexperienced leaves.

Gorgeous red and green foliage of the heavenly bamboo plant

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina Domestica) – heavenly bamboo is often known as sacred bamboo, or Chinese language bamboo. Will probably be happiest when rising in USDA zones 6 by 9, making it a temperate local weather lover.

Heavenly bamboo is a semi evergreen shrub that brings decorative curiosity all 12 months spherical with lovely foliage all through the spring and summer time, and crimson berries within the late summer time and fall.

Heavenly bamboo can also be very moderately sized, solely rising to be 4-8 ft tall and about 2-4 ft extensive. It might probably very simply slot in a big pot in your house, or you could possibly develop it outdoor within the backyard.

Amazing swirly stems of the lucky bamboo houseplant

Fortunate Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana/Dracaena Braunii) – although d sanderiana isn’t really a real bamboo species (it’s surprisingly a part of the asparagus household) it’s generally identified by the names of Chinese language water bamboo, curly bamboo, or friendship bamboo.

The fortunate bamboo plant grows in water, making it the right home plant that’s really sufficiently small to suit on the counter. It’s referred to as friendship bamboo as a result of it’s a frequent home warming reward to provide as its meant to encourage feng shui in a room.

The fortunate bamboo plant is thought for having all kinds of eye catching shapes, swirls, and it may be skilled into any development behavior you’ll be able to consider. They solely develop to be anyplace from 1-5 ft tall!

How do you Develop Bamboo?

Beautiful forest of bamboo trees

There are a ton of various bamboo species and every certainly one of them may have fairly totally different rising situations, so it’s essential to do your individual analysis in keeping with which species you will have chosen to develop. However nonetheless, we’ve ready some tips on attempt to hold your bamboo plant blissful at residence:

Soil & Potting

Let’s set up one thing proper off the bat: bamboo vegetation are remarkably straightforward to take care of. These vegetation actually simply wish to develop, so there isn’t all that a lot you could possibly throw at them that they received’t soak up stride.

That being mentioned, planting bamboo in soil that’s loamy and barely acidic is a positive hearth method to make sure very fast development. Amending soil with compost can even enhance drainage and improve the nutrient content material of the soil as nicely.


Watering your bamboo plant goes to take up a little bit of time. Bamboo vegetation love moisture and they’re going to particularly want further moisture if they’re rising indoors as a houseplant.

It’s best to water bamboo a minimum of twice every week within the temperate months of the 12 months, however that may be elevated to five instances every week within the scorching months of the 12 months. Bamboo additionally appreciates being usually misted if rising indoors.

Youthful bamboo vegetation are fairly drought tolerant as soon as they’re mature and established, however youthful vegetation could be a little delicate if they’re disadvantaged of moisture. Simply look out for yellowing leaf suggestions, this is a sign they’re not getting sufficient water.

Solar Publicity

It’s tough to supply a basic rule for a way a lot daylight a bamboo plant will favor as this may differ in keeping with species. Some varieties will favor to obtain direct daylight for almost all of the day, whereas others are likely to prosper in additional shaded areas or oblique mild.


One other facet of bamboo care includes fertilizing! In the event you’re actually intent on encouraging your vegetation to develop shortly, you’ll be able to present them with fertilizer each couple of weeks throughout their lively rising season.


The most important efforts that you’ll have to make when caring for bamboo is sustaining the dimensions. In the event you would like to it keep a sure peak, it is going to should be pruned very usually to be able to hold that peak.

*Professional Tip: in case you are rising bamboo indoors and it appears to be struggling, strive transferring it outdoor! Since bamboo vegetation are naturally meant to develop outdoor, transferring it outdoor for a time period will give it the enhance it must get again on observe.


Are there any kinds of houseplant bamboo?

An indoor bamboo plant could be a tough factor to take care of, contemplating that they develop so shortly and to such nice heights, however there are actually kinds of houseplant bamboo obtainable. A couple of price mentioning are black bamboo, giant leaved bamboo, heavenly bamboo, or fortunate bamboo.

Is it arduous rising fortunate bamboo?

Fortunate bamboo care is extremely straightforward to do, which is why it makes the right home reward! Rising fortunate bamboo solely requires a few issues: tray, water, and daylight. Fortunate bamboo grows in water, so it simply must be positioned above a tray that’s full of pebbles and recent water.

What’s particular about tropical bamboo?

Tropical bamboo is thought due to its pace of development and its sheer measurement. Due to the direct daylight, humidity, and warmth, bamboo grows tremendous shortly as a result of it’s experiencing its supreme rising situations!

Is bamboo palm a real bamboo or a palm tree?

The bamboo palm is extra of a palm tree than it’s a bamboo plant. It has very skinny inexperienced stems with good lance formed leaves, and gardeners adore it as a result of they like to develop in low mild situations.

Is a snake plant a sort of bamboo plant?

The snake plant is by no means a bamboo plant, however coincidentally it’s cousins with the fortunate bamboo plant as they’re each a part of the asparagus plant household!

Can bamboo develop in oblique daylight?

There are tons of various bamboo species and their desire of solar publicity will differ. Some will favor low mild, others oblique daylight, and a few direct daylight.

Is massive cane a sort of bamboo?

Big cane (arundo donax) is often known as elephant grass, Spanish cane, or Colorado river weed. It’s a reed species that has an identical development behavior to bamboo because it has hole stems that develop to be 20 ft tall that develop from sturdy rhizomes.

So although arundo donax appears to be like very equally and grows similarly, it’s really a perennial grass and never a bamboo plant.

How typically ought to a bamboo plant be watered?

Watering your bamboo plant goes to take up a little bit of time. Bamboo vegetation love moisture and they’re going to particularly want further moisture if they’re rising indoors as a houseplant.

It’s best to water bamboo a minimum of twice every week within the temperate months of the 12 months, however that may be elevated to five instances every week within the scorching months of the 12 months. Bamboo additionally appreciates being usually misted if rising indoors.

Youthful bamboo vegetation are fairly drought tolerant as soon as they’re mature and established, however youthful vegetation could be a little delicate if they’re disadvantaged of moisture. Simply look out for yellowing leaf suggestions, this is a sign they’re not getting sufficient water.