15 Totally different Houseplants that Climb (and methods to take care of every one)

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Houseplants add magnificence, greenery, and an natural ingredient to your private home. Should you’re in search of houseplants that climb, test right here! You’ll get the additional advantage of having fun with an ornamental plant that fills your private home with coloration, life, and wonder.

Variety of houseplants that climb.

There are various completely different species of climbing houseplants, so how are you aware which one is greatest for you? Take a look at this listing of distinctive vining and climbing houseplants so you may add a luscious aesthetic to your house.

1. Pothos (Scindapsus aureus)

A green Pothos plant in pot.

The pothos is among the most prolific climbing houseplants. This luscious inexperienced plant has heart-shaped leaves which can be generally variegated in shades of yellow or white. Pothos vegetation can develop leaves as much as 4 inches throughout and they are often planted in a dangling basket or supported upright to climb onto a trellis or totem.

  • Solar wants: Pothos do properly in virtually any quantity of daylight, together with low mild. Place them in a sunny window, they usually’ll develop sooner and thrive.
  • Water: You may water pothos as soon as each one to 2 weeks, permitting the soil to fully dry out in between waterings.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: Due to a quick progress charge and straightforward care, pothos is among the best climbing houseplants to domesticate and take care of in any surroundings.

2. Philodendron (Araceae)

A Philodendron plant in an orange pot.

Philodendron is one other lovely climbing houseplant that simply adapts to just about any surroundings. These vining, climbing vegetation characteristic darkish inexperienced leaves and have an virtually heart-shaped look. Be sure you give your philodendron a put up or different construction to climb on so the plant has assist.

  • Solar wants: Place your philodendron in an space that will get brilliant, oblique daylight away from direct contact with the solar’s rays. If the leaves flip yellow, your philodendron could also be getting an excessive amount of mild, so transfer it to a barely shadier location to see the way it does.
  • Water: Let in regards to the prime inch of your soil dry out between watering. You may test the water by sticking your finger into the soil to really feel how moist it’s. If the leaves look droopy, the plant might have extra water.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: These climbing houseplants add a contemporary, inexperienced ingredient to a house or workplace they usually’re pretty straightforward to take care of.

3. Swedish ivy (Plectranthus australis)

An outdoor Swedish Ivy plant in an orange pot.

Typically displayed in hanging baskets, Swedish ivy is a houseplant native to northern Australia and the Pacific Islands. Its lovely trailing makes it a major selection for show in a house, however it might even be planted in containers to make use of as groundcover outdoors. The leaves of the Swedish ivy plant are shiny and have lovely, scalloped edges. It could additionally bloom mauve or white flowers within the spring and summer season.

  • Solar wants: Place your Swedish ivy plant in brilliant, oblique daylight all yr spherical.
  • Water: This climbing houseplant solely must be water about as soon as per week. Let the soil fully dry in between watering, and by no means overwater it. Be sure you use a pot that has good drainage to forestall root rot.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: This plant is a good match for this listing due to its luscious shiny leaves and straightforward upkeep. Even essentially the most novice gardeners can take care of a Swedish ivy plant with few points.

4. Hoya (Carnosa)

A hanging Hoya plant in a black pot.

Hoyas are slow-growing, climbing houseplants that characteristic thick, waxy leaves. These distinctive vegetation additionally produce fascinating clusters of small star-shaped flowers that vary from white or mild to darkish pink in coloration. When the hoya flowers bloom, they often give off a vanilla, chocolate, or cinnamon perfume.

  • Solar wants: Place your hoya in brilliant, oblique daylight for the perfect outcomes. An excessive amount of direct solar publicity could cause the leaves to burn or flip yellow.
  • Water: Because the hoya is a tropical plant, it thrives in humid situations. Be certain the soil of your hoya is moist and water it as quickly because the filth will get barely dry.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: This beautiful climbing houseplant is a singular possibility that has fascinating clusters of flowers. It’s additionally protected and non-toxic to people and pets, making it a terrific selection for this listing.

5. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

A Spider Plant in a marble pot on table.

Spider vegetation have skinny, curved foliage that’s both variegated with white or stable inexperienced in coloration. These climbing houseplants are straightforward to develop and look lovely nestled in a dangling basket or positioned under a trellis or pole to assist them climb upward. Within the hotter months, spider vegetation might produce tiny white flowers and babu spider vegetation, known as “pups.”

  • Solar wants: Preserve your spider plant in brilliant to reasonable oblique daylight. Direct mild might burn their leaves or trigger the tricks to flip brown.
  • Water: Water your spider plant often throughout the first yr, then water them reasonably thereafter. Be sure you preserve the soil constantly moist throughout the spring and summer season to encourage progress.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: Not solely are spider vegetation lovely and straightforward to develop, however NASA as soon as claimed they’re among the best vegetation to assist naturally filter and purify the air in your house.

6. Inch Plant (Tradescantia zebrina)

A Inch Plant in white pot on top of cut wood.

This beautiful climbing houseplant has deep purple leaves that may vary from stable purple to variegated with inexperienced. They’re a gorgeous possibility for hanging baskets but additionally look spectacular when used as a tablescape or a climbing vine. You may benefit from the inch plant in your house or workplace, they usually’re pretty tolerant to low mild.

  • Solar wants: Preserve your inch plant in medium to brilliant mild. Though it might tolerate low mild for some time, the inch plant thrives when it has entry to brighter areas in your house, like a sunny window.
  • Water: Water your inch plant each time the soil begins to dry out. General, it is best to preserve the soil reasonably moist always.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: Not solely is the inch plant straightforward to take care of, however its dramatic purple leaves make it a really show-stopping climbing houseplant.

7. English Ivy (Hedera helix)

A hanging English Ivy in an orange pot.

English ivy might be one of the crucial widely known climbing houseplants. It may be grown indoors, however it’s additionally thought-about an invasive species open air in sure areas. When rising English ivy indoors, place it in a dangling basket or a planter with a put up for assist. The lengthy, skinny viny stems and variegated inexperienced and white leaves make it one of many world’s most iconic vegetation.

  • Solar wants: English ivy can develop in each excessive and low mild. When rising it indoors, preserve it close to a sunny window in order for you it to develop sooner.
  • Water: Be sure you plant your English ivy in a pot with good drainage. Preserve the soil moist and mist the leaves throughout the winter or each time the air is dry.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: This traditional houseplant is extraordinarily straightforward to develop and take care of. When displayed in your house, it provides lush greenery to any room.

8. Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum)

A hanging Burro’s Tail plant in small green pot.

Burro’s tail is a vining succulent that has a brilliant inexperienced coloration and a singular texture. This uncommon houseplant is tolerant to warmth and drought and thrives in heat to temperate climates. It options thick stems that develop blue-green leaves that look like woven onto the vines. Whereas it doesn’t do as properly climbing, it appears to be like luscious as a vining plant nestled in a dangling basket.

  • Solar wants: The burro’s tail succulent loves brilliant, direct daylight, so preserve it in a sunny a part of your private home for the perfect outcomes.
  • Water: Preserve the soil evenly moist and add cactus fertilizer throughout the spring.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: Not solely is that this houseplant lovely and engaging, however it’s pretty straightforward to develop. It appears to be like pretty in a bed room, toilet, or residing house and is a good selection for brand new gardeners.

9. Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra)

A Bleeding Hearts plant with heart shaped flowers.

The bleeding-heart plant will get its identify from the gorgeous blooms of purple and white flowers that delicately dangle from its skinny branches. This climbing houseplant has thick, lush inexperienced vines that add a visually fascinating aesthetic to your private home. The guts-shaped flowers are what actually make this houseplant a really distinctive addition to any house.

  • Solar wants: Bleeding hearts can simply develop indoors and do fairly properly in partial daylight to full shade.
  • Water: Preserve your bleeding hearts well-watered, particularly throughout the summer season. This beautiful plant requires roughly one inch of water per week to thrive.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: When supported by a trellis, bleeding hearts will placed on an unimaginable present each time they bloom. They add pops of coloration to each room and look gorgeous in any sort of house.

10. Bougainvillea (Nyctaginaceae household)

A Bougainvillea plant with pink beautiful flowers.

Bougainvillea is a fast-growing climbing houseplant that places on a wonderful, colourful show all yr. This flowering, climbing houseplant appears to be like unimaginable each indoors and outdoors. You may develop the bougainvillea in containers and add a put up to assist its climbing vines. The plush, vibrantly coloured flowers characteristic shades of scorching pink, fuchsia, purple, purple, and white.

  • Solar wants: Preserve your bougainvillea in a minimum of six hours of full daylight per day for the perfect outcomes. Placing it outdoors or in a sunny window is an effective method to assist it bloom and thrive.
  • Water: As soon as your bougainvillea is established, it prefers to dwell in dry soil. Solely water the plant often after the primary two years of planting.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: Should you love vibrant colours and many flowers, then this climbing houseplant is for you. It’s additionally extraordinarily powerful and straightforward to develop.

11. String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

A String of Pearls plant in a pot on top of table.

The string of pearls is definitely succulent, however it provides distinctive visible curiosity to your indoor backyard. This climbing houseplant is punctuated by tiny, inexperienced pearl-colored “buds” that develop from its skinny vines. It’s a really delicate plant that must be dealt with with care, however with correct consideration, the string of pearls is an excellent addition to your private home or workplace.

  • Solar wants: Give your string of pearls plant brilliant, direct daylight and preserve it at an indoor temperature of round 72 levels Fahrenheit.
  • Water: This delicate plant requires well-draining, sandy soil and wishes solely gentle to reasonable watering for it to thrive.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: When displayed in a dangling basket or pot, the string of pearls is a gorgeous, distinctive addition to a desk, eating room desk, or perhaps a toilet.

12. Clematis (Ranunculaceae)

A Clematis plant with beautiful pink flowers.

Extensively identified for its vibrant purple blooms, the clematis is a beautiful climbing houseplant that thrives open air. Plant it close to a fence or trellis, and watch it climb and develop new blooms all through the summer season. By its third yr, the clematis ought to produce an abundance of vines and flowers all season lengthy. Some species of clematis bloom via September.

  • Solar wants: Preserve this gorgeous plant in full solar, though sure species desire partial shade. Learn the label fastidiously to find out which kind you’ve gotten, and plant it accordingly.
  • Water: Clematis desire a moist surroundings, so ensure you water your plant recurrently. Add some mulch across the base of your clematis to assist retain moisture within the soil.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: Not all clematis vegetation bloom with purple flowers. Some develop lovely blooms of sunshine pink or white, making them a colourful addition to your backyard.

13. Chinese language Cash Plant (Pilea peperomioides)

A Chinese Money Plant in an orange pot on table.

The Chinese language cash plant – usually known as the pancake plant, is well-known for its spherical, charming, pancake-like leaves. When staked or positioned close to a trellis for assist, this distinctive dark-green houseplant will climb upward like a vine. Its skinny, spherical leaves make it a enjoyable accent plant for any a part of the house.

  • Solar wants: The pilea likes to be in brilliant, oblique mild. Whether it is positioned in direct solar, it may burn the leaves. Rotate the plant a couple of occasions every week to maintain it upright, because it likes to develop towards the solar.
  • Water: It’s time to water your Chinese language cash plant when roughly 75% of the highest of the soil is dry. Add sufficient water till it flows via the drainage holes in your pot, then discard any water left within the saucer.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: This climbing houseplant is a quick grower, straightforward to take care of, and provides a enjoyable, distinctive piece of greenery to a house or workplace house.

14. String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

A String of Hearts plant in a white pot.

The string of hearts is a vining succulent with variegated, heart-shaped leaves that includes lovely silver markings with cream, pink, and inexperienced. This distinctive succulent additionally has vibrant purple stems that get to a size of between three and 9 toes lengthy. Hold it in a basket and luxuriate in its cascading vines that come down like a gorgeous waterfall.

  • Solar wants: Preserve the string of hearts in a sunny space that doesn’t get an excessive amount of direct mild. If the plant is in direct solar, it might trigger the leaves to dry out or stunt its progress. You may take it outdoors for 3 to 4 hours on daily basis to offer it some oblique daylight and afternoon shade.
  • Water: Soak the plant within the spring and summer season when the highest two to 3 inches of soil are fully dry. The string of hearts goes dormant within the winter, so it is best to solely water it as soon as each few weeks throughout this time of yr.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: The lengthy, purple vines and colourful leaves make this trailing, climbing houseplant a beautiful addition to an indoor backyard, sunroom, or workplace space.

15. Monstera (Monstera adansonii)

A Monstera plant in a white pot.

The monstera has simply turn out to be one of the crucial in style climbing houseplants as of late. This tropical plant is native to Central America. Holes that naturally type within the leaves have given it the nickname “the Swiss cheese plant.” The beautiful, darkish inexperienced leaves lend a tropical vibe to your private home and can remodel your house right into a lush, island-like oasis.

  • Solar wants: The monstera does greatest in brilliant to medium oblique mild, though it might acclimate to deal with extra frequent direct mild if it’s launched to it slowly.
  • Water: Water your monstera with room-temperature water each one to 2 weeks, permitting the soil to dry out in-between waterings.
  • Why this plant is an effective match: This beautiful tropical plant grows upward and creates a luscious ingredient for a house or workplace.