8 Substitute Choices For Kombucha

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If you’re aboard the kombucha pattern practice then listed here are a number of different comparable refreshing drinks that may catch your fancy kombucha palette to strive at house and quench your thirst.

This is a close look at bottles of Huckleberry Ginger Kombucha.

Kombucha has turn out to be very fashionable in the previous couple of years, primarily as a result of it is extremely wholesome in your intestine. It incorporates good micro organism, offering your intestine a pure probiotic making it wholesome and powerful. So in case you don’t have or like kombucha, then are there any substitutes for it?

Many probiotic drinks can substitute kombucha equivalent to Tepache, Rejuvelac, water kefir, Kvass, fermented vegetable juice, apple cider vinegar, and dairy-free yogurt drinks. These are nice for enhancing your intestine well being and immune system.

An alternative to kombucha can be one other beverage that incorporates probiotics; it’s because that is the principle motive an individual would drink it. You could be searching for one since you are bored with kombucha, you will have had a foul bottle placing you off kombucha for the second, or you might wish to department out slightly.

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What Can We Substitute For Kombucha?

Allow us to take a look at a number of different fermented drinks wealthy in good micro organism to spice up our intestine well being. Intestine well being is essential because it helps us combat illnesses, prevents bacterial an infection, and improves our immune system. We all know that probiotics that are good micro organism, might help enhance our intestine well being; we will get these by taking tablets or naturally via fermented meals and drinks.

The completely different fermented drinks accessible to us comprise completely different probiotic strains, together with a number of completely different drinks in your weight loss program will aid you take within the completely different strains. Listed below are a number of probiotics drink substitutes for kombucha:


This is a look at glass mason jars of rejuvelac drink.

Rejuvelac is a fermented drink created from grains like rye, wheat berries, quinoa, or buckwheat, primarily created from wheat berries. The grains are left to ferment in water at room temperature for a number of days; this drink, like kombucha, might be made at house.

Rejuvelac is fizzy with a citrusy taste; it’s best served chilly so let it chill within the fridge earlier than consuming. You’ll be able to drink it precisely as it’s, or you’ll be able to combine it can take slightly fruit juice so as to add taste.

Water Kefir

This is a mason jar of water kefir with its crystals on the side.

Water kefir differs from regular kefir that most individuals know; it doesn’t comprise any dairy. This can be a carbonated fermented beverage created from water kefir grains and sugar water, forming a grain-like tradition of yeast and micro organism. You could be hesitant when realizing that it’s made with sugar water; fortunately, this reduces considerably over time.

You’ll be able to even make this drink utilizing coconut water which can give it a beautiful taste. Sugar is vital because it offers vitamins to the grains as they ferment. Different names for this drink embrace tibicos, Japanese water crystals, and California bees.

This drink incorporates plenty of good micro organism and has different advantages in bettering one’s well being. This drink might be loved as it’s or flavored with lemon juice or another flavorings.


These are glass bottles of pineapple tepache drinks.

Tepache is a Mexican fermented drink created from pineapples, often the peels or rind of the fruit. It’s seasoned with cinnamon and sweetened with both brown sugar or piloncillo, a dice of unrefined cane sugar.

This beverage does have slightly alcohol however not a lot, round 2% as a result of it was fermented. Tepache is a beautiful refreshing drink that may be loved chilly.


This is a pitcher of kvass and a piece of rye bread on a wood tray.

This can be a conventional fermented drink from Slavic and Baltic European individuals teams, Russia and Asia. It’s created from rye bread, generally referred to as black bread in these international locations; the colour of the bread offers this drink its colour.

This drink incorporates little or no alcohol, sometimes 0.5 to 1%, thought of by many as being non-alcoholic as a result of low quantity. Kvass has a malty, earthy taste from the bread, which might be flavored with fruit equivalent to raspberries or strawberries and herbs like mint.

Fermented Vegetable Juice

A jar of pickled cucumbers and a glass of pickle juice.

Fermented vegetable juices are widespread in lots of international locations resulting from their well being advantages. They’re made by fermenting greens in water after which straining out the solids. A standard vegetable used is beetroot, however it may be made by any vegetable that one needs.

That is completely different from fermenting vegetable juice, primarily as a result of bigger quantity of water to greens. You’ll be able to add herbs and spices to this drink so as to add taste.

Ginger Ale

A couple of glass of cold ginger ale with lemon.

Selfmade Ginger Ale is a probiotic-rich drink; that is significantly better than your primary store-bought ginger ale, which doesn’t have probiotics. Earlier than beginning, you’ll need to make the wholesome micro organism referred to as a ginger bug. That is very straightforward to make; you’ll need recent ginger, sugar, and water.

Most of us are acquainted with this drink for a few years; it’s so tasty and wholesome in your intestine.

Lacto-Fermented Lemonade

This is a close look at a homemade lactofermented refreshing drink with pieces of mint.

Most of us love lemonade, its tangy-sweet taste is so scrumptious, and fortunately it doesn’t simply should be tasty but additionally wholesome for our intestine. You could find probiotic-rich lemonade on the retailer, however it could be exhausting to search out, and it could comprise different components.

Fortunately for us, it is extremely straightforward to make at house, and it’s inexpensive. The starter for this drink is whey protein which you’ll be able to both purchase or make at house; you’ll then mix it with lemon juice, sugar, and water and depart it to at least one facet to ferment.


This is a close look at a glass of kefir with a topping of mint leaves.

Kefir is barely completely different from kombucha and the above drinks as a result of it has a diary; this can be a pretty drink for a lot of, however not in case you are lactose illiberal. This drink is created from cow’s milk or goat’s milk and incorporates extra probiotic cultures than yogurt, which is nice. To make kefir, you must add kefir grains to the milk of your selection.

These grains will not be cereal grains however as a substitute grain-like colonies of yeast and lactic acid micro organism. Kefir originates from Japanese Europe and Asia; it isn’t simply wealthy in probiotics but additionally protein, calcium, and B nutritional vitamins.

Primary Issues To Know When Making A Probiotic-Wealthy Drink

When making the above-fermented drinks, it’s vital to know that some will want a starter tradition or SCOBY whereas others use wild fermentation. Their starters then infuse the drink with dwell good micro organism and yeast, which could be very wholesome for our intestine. The micro organism should be fed and given vitamin to outlive; that is performed by including sugar to the drink.

This drink can ferment at room temperature for a day or a number of weeks, relying on the recipe and what you need. These fermented and cultured drinks might be cut up up into three classes relying on the tactic used.

  • Using SCOBY: kombucha, Jun Tea, and water kefir
  • Ginger bug and whey sodas: ginger ale and root beer
  • Wild fermented sodas and tonics: Tepache and Kvass