Are Glass Reducing Boards Good?

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There are several types of slicing boards, and on this article, we are going to talk about glass slicing boards and what are the issues it’s worthwhile to look out for.

Class cutting board on a plain background.

Glass slicing boards are aesthetically lovely, however are they simply model over substance? Whereas they appear extra interesting than wooden or plastic slicing boards, sadly, appears to be like are all they’ve. Glass slicing boards will uninteresting and roll knife edges, are slippery, and will doubtlessly break.

Maintain studying, and I’ll clarify why glass slicing boards usually are not appropriate on your knives however can nonetheless be utilized in different methods round your kitchen.

Do Glass Reducing Boards Boring Knives?

A glass cutting board and cheese.

Glass slicing boards are the worst surfaces on your knives as a result of they may uninteresting and chip your knives. The exhausting floor of the tempered glass causes the knife’s edge to roll and can in a short time begin to dampen the sharpness of the blade. This can require you to resharpen your knives extra typically since it’s safer to make use of a pointy knife than a uninteresting one.

Knives must hit a extra forgiving floor, like rubber or wooden, for instance, not like exhausting tempered glass. The exhausting floor of glass boards can even require extra effort to carry and lower the meals you might be chopping. The added effort will put much more stress on the knife or your arms, resulting in an unintentional damage.

Are Glass Reducing Boards Secure?

A mother helping her child slicing vegetables.

I’ve some excellent news and a few dangerous information; first, the dangerous information is that cup slicing boards are dangerous on your knives and usually are not very secure both. The graceful floor will make it extra slippery, growing the prospect of accidents resulting in damage. One other issue to think about is the fabric itself; glass is breakable; one unsuitable transfer and that cup board will shatter.

Nonetheless, the excellent news is that cup slicing boards are extra hygienic than wood ones by way of cleanliness. Tempered glass is non-porous, making it straightforward to scrub and sanitize, lowering the danger of spreading micro organism that trigger foodborne diseases. 

What Is The Level Of Glass Reducing Boards?

None of them contain doubtlessly ruining your knives. Glass slicing boards are glorious for baking and charcuterie and/or cheese boards. I’m certain you surprise what the purpose of even having a slicing board made from glass is? They’ll truly be useful in a few methods.


Baking utensils and wooden chopping boards.

Glass slicing boards could also be dangerous on your knives, however they’re a superb floor for baking preparations. The graceful flat floor is right for kneading bread, rolling out pie crusts, or slicing cookies, which all require flat clean surfaces for the very best outcomes.

Charcuterie And Cheese Boards

Cutting board with olives and cheese.

For a complicated social gathering show, glass slicing boards make nice social gathering trays for charcuterie and cheese. With glass boards being straightforward to scrub and dishwasher secure, you might put virtually any meals on them and have the ability to reuse them time and time once more.

What Type Of Reducing Boards Do Cooks Use?

A chef cutting vegetables on a wooden cutting board.

So, what kind of slicing boards do cooks and meals professionals favor? The gear must be sturdy, straightforward to scrub, sturdy, and secure in skilled kitchens. Primarily you’ll find rubber slicing boards in eating places as a result of they exhibit all these qualities. 

For meals and security causes, restaurant kitchens are required to make use of totally different shade slicing boards for a selected goal. For instance, crimson boards are for butchering meats, blue for seafood, and inexperienced for greens.

Based on Bon Appetit Journal, rubber slicing boards “…will final for a few years, rubber boards are usually worth and heavier than their plastic brethren.” Nonetheless, rubber slicing boards can be simpler in your knife and are dishwasher secure for straightforward clean-up.

Greatest Reducing Boards For Knives

Wooden cutting board and an old knife.

Knives want a forgiving floor to make sure they may preserve their edge longer and so that you gained’t want to make use of as a lot pressure to make use of one. So what are the very best slicing boards for knives? Based on Reducing, “…the true reply for what’s the finest slicing board on your knife will not be black and white, as a result of the reply is it actually relies upon!

The principle elements are the fabric of the board and the fabric of the knife. For instance, a stainless-steel knife might not maintain up very properly in opposition to tender wood boards in addition to a carbon metal knife will. Whereas bamboo slicing boards are additionally dangerous to blades due to how exhausting of a cloth it’s.

Total, the very best slicing boards on your knives are made from wooden, however what kinds of wooden? Reducing boards made from maple, cherry, beech, and walnut are the very best choices for sustaining the integrity of your knives; these supplies are additionally sturdy, robust, and reasonably priced.

Ultimate Ideas

Chef on the kitchen preparing foods.

Hopefully, on this article, I’ve been in a position to reply your questions on glass slicing boards. Keep in mind that slicing boards made from exhausting supplies like glass and bamboo will uninteresting and roll the sting of your knives. The perfect slicing boards to make use of are chef-recommended rubber or made from wooden.

Whereas glass slicing boards might not be appropriate for chopping greens, they’re nice for kneading bread dough or an aesthetic charcuterie board for events.