CRAFTSMAN Cordless Drill Issues with Options

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A collage of different ways to fix a drill.

CRAFTSMAN is a widely known, US-based maker of energy instruments. The corporate’s transportable, battery-operated Drills are recognized for exhausting work and sturdiness. They’re typically a most well-liked selection for DIY lovers and professionals. CRAFTSMAN’s cordless Drills launch the operator from the necessity to carry extension cords or gasoline, permitting them to work in locations with out electrical energy.

Once in a while, these highly effective instruments could require some consideration. Let’s have a look at CRAFTSMAN cordless Drill issues and focus on options.

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CRAFTSMAN’s Cordless Drill is hard-working and sturdy with a couple of issues:

  1. Cordless Drill Received’t Begin
  2. Battery Doesn’t Cost
  3. Motor Is Very Sluggish
  4. Set off Change Doesn’t Work When Pressed
  5. The Chuck Received’t Flip or Launch the Bit
  6. The Drill Makes a Screeching Sound
  7. The Drill Overheats

1. Cordless Drill Received’t Begin

A man drilling screws on a wood using a drill.

The very last thing you want you got down to do a job is a non-responsive working device. You press the [], and nothing occurs. It seems like your trusty CRAFTSMAN cordless Drill wants some consideration.


Do a 4 Senses Check: press the set off change. Are you able to hear the motor, even faintly? Flip the unit round and search for indicators of injury, damaged casing, unhinged battery, or lacking screws. Contact and odor the battery casing, the motor holder, and the set off change. Are they unusually sizzling? Do you detect a burning odor?

It is best to substitute damaged or heat-damaged components. Burned components may point out that you must have a look at the electrical a part of the Drill. If you’re not an skilled on this space, seek the advice of an expert. Now could be the time to verify if the unit remains to be underneath guarantee.

2. Battery Doesn’t Cost

A cordless drill and it's battery.

After making an attempt a couple of occasions to cost the battery, you watched that the battery, charger, or each, are accountable. Right here is how one can go about discovering which of the 2 is defective.


The very first thing you do is to comply with the ability, on this case, the battery. Test the sunshine on the battery. Is it inexperienced or pink? Purple implies that the battery is empty. Subsequent, verify the battery charger. Does the charging gentle come on while you join the charger to the battery? If it does, you must recharge the battery.

If no charging gentle comes on, the battery will seemingly be the offender. In case you have a spare battery, join it to the Drill. Join the charger and verify the charging gentle: is the unit working with the alternative battery? If that’s the case, use the working battery and get a brand new battery to make use of as a spare.

3. The Motor Is Very Sluggish

A man holding a cordless drill on a gray background.

Your CRAFTSMAN cordless Drill motor is gradual and low in energy, and your work should wait till you discover a answer to the issue.


Firstly, verify to see if the battery is absolutely charged. If not – cost it absolutely and take a look at once more. Alternatively, when you have a spare battery you utilize as backup, substitute the unit’s battery with the spare one and take a look at once more. If the issue persists with a completely charged battery, then the carbon brushes in your unit’s motor could also be at fault.

A Drill motor makes use of carbon brushes to facilitate its electrical perform. CRAFTSMAN launched a brand new vary of brushless Drills that changed the brushes with magnets, including velocity and decreasing friction and warmth. In case your unit is just not brushless, the carbon brushes in your Drill’s motor could also be soiled or worn, and you must substitute them.

4. Set off Change Doesn’t Work When Pressed

Your CRAFTSMAN cordless Drill won’t work while you press the set off change. You’ve gotten charged the battery, and the Drill appeared in good order.

Answer 1: Disconnect the Drill’s Battery from the Drill

Test the set off change carefully. Does it look damaged, unfastened, or dislodged from the Drill? Set off switches are available in contact with soiled, oily fingers and gloves that cowl them in grease, oil, mud, and grime.

Don’t use any industrial solvents, gasoline, brake fluids, or petroleum-based merchandise to wash the plastic floor of the Drill and the set off change. As an alternative, use an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser. Inexperienced merchandise don’t use hazardous chemical compounds, which is able to seemingly decrease the chance of damaging the Drill.

Clear the set off change utilizing a rag or a microfiber material dipped within the cleaner. Learn the product producer’s directions on the packaging earlier than utilizing it. If required, combine the cleaner with water, as instructed. Wring the fabric to keep away from liquid leakage. Clear the set off change completely, utilizing a factor screwdriver to take away grime from areas across the set off. Press the set off change a couple of occasions throughout cleansing.

Dry the set off change completely earlier than reattaching the battery. Use pressurized air to wash in and across the set off change.

Answer 2: Contact CRAFTSMAN’s Help Staff

Customer service representative working on an office.

If the Drill is just not working and your unit remains to be underneath guarantee, contact CRAFTSMAN’s Help Staff for recommendation. If the Drill is out of guarantee, contact an expert.

Answer 3: DIY-Expert Individuals Could Open the Drill Cowl

If you’re a skillful DIY particular person, do the next after opening the Drill cowl and gently pulling the set off change out of the casing. Go away the wires on either side of the set off change intact.

Use a multimeter to verify the connections between the set off change and the battery. Take out the set off change unit and connect the multimeter to the 2 connectors of the set off change. The multimeter will present a null response till you press the set off change.

Now press the set off change. If the multimeter nonetheless reveals a null response, you could substitute this defective set off change.

If the multimeter signifies that the set off change is working, verify the connection between the set off change and the brushes.

If the issue is with the wires, verify them completely and, if crucial, substitute them.

5. The Chuck Received’t Flip or Launch the Bit

A man holding the chuck of the drill.

Like different energy instruments, Drills use mechanical components pushed by electrical energy to do their job. The chuck, the metallic cylinder on the tip of the Drill, is used to clamp and maintain Drill bits and every other instruments the Drill makes use of. The chuck’s metallic tooth maintain the bit tight because the Drill’s spindle turns it at excessive velocity. Typically the chuck freezes. It won’t spin or launch the Drill bit it holds.


As you hear the motor turning, you already know that the issue is with the connection between the chuck and the spindle, not with the Drill itself. You have to two adjustable wrenches or expandable pliers. Connect an adjustable wrench to the chuck sleeve and clamp one other adjustable wrench to the chuck’s physique.

Flip the adjustable wrenches in reverse instructions to one another. You shouldn’t apply an excessive amount of strain. Pay attention for the click sound because the mechanism contained in the frozen chuck is launched.

6. The Drill Makes a Screeching Sound

Throughout operation, the Drill makes a high-pitch screechy sound. Until you turn the Drill off, the noise worsens and will increase in quantity and pitch. A number of of the Drill’s transferring components, the chuck, the transmission, and the motor brushes, is the noise supply.

Necessary observe: The second and third options necessitate opening the unit’s casing. In case your CRAFTSMAN Cordless Drill remains to be underneath guarantee, contact CRAFTSMAN’s Help Staff for recommendation. If the Drill is out of guarantee, contact an expert. Lastly, if you’re a skillful DIY particular person, use the hyperlinks connected to do the work your self.

Answer 1: The chuck

The Drill bit or device is clamped to the chuck because it turns. Take away the bit and launch the chuck from the unit. Use a material or a rag to wash it completely and blow compressed air by means of the chuck. Lastly, spray a couple of skinny layers of a quick-drying lubricant.

Answer 2: The Gears and Bearings

You want to clear and lubricate the gears and the bearings. After you open the Drill, take away, and disassemble the gearbox and do the next:

Test for damaged or bent components and put them apart for alternative.

Clear the gears and bearings with an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser utilizing a wire brush, metal wool, and compressed air.

Apply a skinny layer of NLGI 1 grade grease, fill about 50% of the wheel bearing case with the grease, and repack.

Reassemble the gearbox parts, verify that each one components are firmly fixed, and screw the Drill’s cowl again on.

Answer 3: The Motor’s Carbon Brushes

In case you have a CRAFTSMAN Brushless Cordless Drill, skip this answer.

The CRAFTSMAN cordless Drill electrical motor has two small carbon blocks known as brushes. The brushes type a part of the motor spin by transferring electrical present by means of wires. With the rotation, the brushes put on down, and you must get new ones.

After you open the Drill, take away, and extract the motor, do the next:

Take away the 2 carbon brushes and examine them.

Substitute each carbon brushes if any of them has ¼ inch carbon size or much less left or if the comb’s spring or wire is broken.

Insert the brand new brush into the guiding groove with its carbon block first and match the “ear” into the proper slot within the guiding groove. Repeat the process with the opposite brush.

After tightening the plastic caps or screws, reassemble the unit, guarantee all components are firmly fixed, and screw the Drill’s cowl again on.

7. The Drill Overheats

An intense burning odor comes off the Drill while you’re utilizing it, and except you cease the motor, the Drill’s hardy casing overheats. In some circumstances, the unit begins smoking. Scent, warmth, and smoke point out an issue with the motor. When working past its designed capability, the motor will work tougher to maintain up with the demand and, in consequence, will overheat.

Answer 1: Take into account a Stronger CRAFTSMAN Drill

Is the device you might be utilizing the correct device for the duty? Your Drill’s motor could also be underpowered for the job you require it to do. Cordless Drills have turn into extra strong and resilient over time, and chances are you’ll want a CRAFTSMAN with a stronger motor.

Answer 2: Substitute the Motor’s Carbon Brushes

The motor’s carbon brushes could also be worn out and want alternative

Test Answer 3 in merchandise 6: The Drill Makes a Screeching Sound

Answer 3: Test and Repair or Substitute Defective Wires

Inside wiring of an electric drill.

The wires connecting the battery, by means of the set off change, and onto the motor have turn into frayed.

Test Options 2 and three in merchandise 4: Set off Change Doesn’t Work When Pressed.

Answer 4: Clear and Lubricate the Bearings

The bearings that allow the Drill to function at excessive velocity whereas preserving friction, vibration, and noise to a minimal, might have cleansing and lubrication.

Test the answer in merchandise 5: The Chuck Received’t Flip or Launch the Bit.


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