CRAFTSMAN Electrical Garden Mower Options to Issues You Would possibly Have

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Each house owner with a garden has skilled the occasional glitch on their electrical lawnmower every now and then. The CRAFTSMAN electrical garden mower is dependable, however hardworking backyard machines expertise put on and typically require troubleshooting to repair minor issues.

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Doable issues your CRAFSTMAN electrical garden mower can expertise:

  1. CRAFTSMAN electrical mower gained’t begin.
  2. The mower cuts out whereas mowing.
  3. Overheating and doesn’t work.
  4. Uneven cuts.
  5. Shedding energy.
  6. Extreme vibrations.
  7. The mower is tough to push.
  8. The electrical mower journeys the breaker.

1. CRAFTSMAN Electrical Garden Mower Gained’t Begin

A man starting a lawn mower engine.

Some of the elementary issues you may expertise in an electrical garden mower is that it’s going to not begin. There are a number of non-starting issues chances are you’ll expertise. The mower might not begin while you take it out to mow the garden, or it might cease throughout mowing and refuse to start out up once more.

There could also be some crossover for the causes of each these points, however we are going to handle them individually since there could also be totally different issues inflicting every difficulty.

If the mower gained’t begin immediately while you take it out of the shed or storage, but it surely labored with out a difficulty the earlier time you mowed the grass, you need to carry out a sequence of checks.

These checks provides you with the way in which ahead to resolve the issue in your CRAFTSMAN electrical mower and get it working once more.


An electrical mower depends on a related circuit to ship energy to the motor. If the mower doesn’t begin, there’s a fault between the facility supply, the facility outlet, and the motor.

The easiest way to ascertain the issue is to run by means of a collection of checks to get rid of the attainable issues one after the other, starting with the best and most blatant and ending with the least seemingly points.

CRAFTSMAN Electrical Mower Non-Beginning GuidelinesChecked
Verify the plug is related to the outlet securely.Rigidity on the facility twine might dislodge the plug on the outlet and break the connection. Push the plug securely into the outlet and attempt to begin the mower once more.
Verify the circuit breakerVerify the circuit breaker for the outlet is switched on. Whether it is off, swap it on and attempt to begin the mower. If the breaker journeys once more, disconnect the mower from the facility and examine the mower energy twine or extension lead for a brief circuit.
Examine the extension twine for injury or unfastened wires.Extension cords for electrical mowers take numerous abuse and may turn out to be broken. Verify for breaks within the extension cable and make sure the wiring within the plugs is related correctly.
Verify the mower brake lever.The brake lever is the lever on the mower deal with you need to maintain to run the mower. If the brake lever is caught or the swap it controls is defective, the mower won’t begin.

The swap will should be changed.

Verify motor brushesIf the motor brushes are worn, the mower might not begin. Make sure the mower will not be related to energy, take away the outer cowl, and examine the motor brushes. If the brushes seem worn or do not make contact with the motor, they have to be changed.

If you’re uncertain how one can restore any of those faults, particularly issues within the motor itself or switches on the controls, you need to take your mower to the closest service middle to have it checked out.

By no means open the mower housing or work on switches with the mower related to the facility. This motion is harmful and may end up in a extreme electrical shock!

2. CRAFTSMAN Electrical Garden Mower Cuts Out Whereas Mowing

A man mowing the lawn with an electric mower.

If you’re utilizing your CRAFTSMAN electrical mower and throughout the mowing, the machine cuts out and won’t begin, there are some potential points to examine.

Some points that may trigger this downside are easy to examine and straightforward to treatment. There could also be some crossover between the causes for this downside and the garden mower difficulty of not ranging from the phrase go.

Resolution 1: Verify the Circuit Breaker

The primary facet to examine is whether or not the circuit breaker has tripped. Circuit breakers don’t usually journey for no cause, so if the breaker is off, the issue bears additional investigation.

Resolution 2: Verify the Extension Cable

Verify the extension twine for frayed areas or injury. If the extension twine doesn’t look good, attempt a distinct extension twine or change the extension with a brand new one.

3. CRAFTSMAN Electrical Mower Overheats and Doesn’t Work

A man checking the circuit of a lawn mower.

Often, an electrical mower motor can overheat to the purpose that the mower cuts out and refuses to work till it has cooled down sufficiently.

An overheating downside in your mower might be a easy results of working the machine too long and hard on a sizzling day, or it might consequence from a upkeep difficulty that have to be addressed.

Resolution 1: Let the Mower Cool Down

If the mower has been working for an prolonged interval on a sizzling day, the mower motor might attain an working temperature that’s exterior of its specified protected vary. The mower motor will then lower out as a security measure to guard the motor from injury.

This result’s a traditional protecting measure for the mower, and the one factor to do is to cease mowing and provides the mower 10 to 15-minutes to chill down.

Resolution 2: Take away Grass Construct-up within the Mower

One other trigger for overheating in electrical lawnmowers is a buildup of grass and natural materials underneath the plastic housing overlaying the motor.

The one methodology to clear this downside to forestall overheating is to take away the plastic hood over the CRAFTSMAN motor and clear away the particles. The plastic hood is definitely eliminated by loosening the three screws on all sides of the plastic cowl.

As soon as the quilt is eliminated, examine for particles clogging the vents inside the quilt and any accumulation of lower grass underneath the quilt.

The easiest way to take away the grass buildup underneath the hood is to blow it away with an air compressor or a leaf blower. Alternatively, the grass will be wiped away with a material.

As soon as the obstruction is cleared, air can flow into freely across the motor, conserving it cool and fixing the overheating downside.

4. My CRAFTSMAN Electrical Mower Is Slicing Inconsistently

A man trimming the small area of lawn in the backyard.

In the event you discover that your CRAFTSMAN electrical mower is chopping erratically in a single go over your grass, or there are excessive and low patches within the lower path, you could have an issue together with your mower.

The lower must be clear and even throughout your complete swath lower by the mower. A worn mower blade is the most typical reason behind an uneven lower peak.


The one answer to this downside is to change the mower blade. This job is definitely carried out as a DIY undertaking and doesn’t require the mower to be taken to a service middle.

Whenever you change the blade, it’s seemingly that the blasé insulator, a plastic half underneath the securing nut and spacer, may even want alternative. The blade and the insulator will be bought out of your native mower spares provider.

Observe these steps to switch the mower blade.

  1. Unplug the mower from the facility supply.
  2. Lay the mower on its facet to show the blade.
  3. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the central locking nut on the blade. Use a gloved hand to carry the blade in place and stop the mower blade from turning while you loosen the securing nut.
  4. Take away the previous blade and insulator.
  5. Change with the brand new blade and insulator, positioning each elements within the right orientation as indicated on the elements.
  6. Change the locking nut and tighten it securely, however take care to not overtighten the nut.

5. CRAFTSMAN Electrical Mower Loses Energy

A man pushing an electric lawn mower.

As you mow the garden or your yard, chances are you’ll discover the mower shedding energy when chopping longer grass or usually struggling, and you’ll hear the motor lose energy and velocity.

The 2 predominant causes for this downside are attempting to take cuts which might be too deep in thick grass or lower grass, leaves, and particles which have clogged the underside of the mower and are impeding the spinning blade.

Resolution 1: Elevate the Mower Lower Peak

The answer for the primary trigger is comparatively easy. Use the lever on the facet of the CRAFTSMAN electrical mower to lift the extent of the lower to the very best setting.

With the lower peak lever set to the very best mark, make a number of passes over the lengthy grass, reducing the lower peak a notch after every go till the mower cuts to the specified size.

Resolution 2: Take away Particles From Beneath the Mower

The second trigger for the facility loss downside will be particles collected underneath the mower within the blade house. This accumulation of particles can intervene with the spinning blade, inflicting the mower to lose energy.

To repair this difficulty, make sure the mower is unplugged from the facility supply, flip it on its facet to show the blade house, and clear out the particles. If the dust is caked onto the mower chassis and is tough to take away, a paint scraper will be helpful to dislodge the fabric.

6. CRAFTSMAN Electrical Mower Vibrates Excessively

A man mowing the backyard lawn.

Experiencing extreme vibrations and shuddering when working your CRAFTSMAN electrical mower will be disconcerting. The trigger for the vibrations might be a easy repair, or it could require the mower to be checked out by a service middle.

The extra severe of the 2 causes is a attainable bent shaft within the motor, whereas the second and extra seemingly trigger is a bent, worn, or unfastened mower blade.

Resolution 1: Verify the Mower Blade for Looseness or Injury

The blade downside is the simplest possibility to research and treatment and must be checked first because the attainable trigger for the extreme vibrations.

Make sure the mower is disconnected from the facility outlet and lay the mower on its facet to examine the blade. Verify the mower blade for injury and wiggle it to see whether it is unfastened.

If the blade is unfastened, merely reposition the blade and spacer and tighten the securing nut. If the blade exhibits indicators of injury or is bent, it have to be changed.

Resolution 2: Get the Mower Checked by a Service Skilled

A bent motor shaft is one other attainable reason behind extreme vibrations within the mower. This example is a major problem usually brought on by the blade putting a tough, immovable object whereas spinning at excessive velocity. The influence of the blade on the article can bend the motor shaft.

Sadly, a bent motor shaft will not be an issue that the mower proprietor can resolve. The lawnmower must be taken to a licensed restore middle. In all chance, the motor will should be changed.

7. CRAFTSMAN Electrical Mower Is Exhausting to Push

An old man mowing the lawn.

There are occasions when chopping your garden that you simply discover your electrical mower onerous to push and tough to manage.

This difficulty will be brought on by chopping excessive or thick grass, uneven floor, or gentle floor. These conditions could make the mower tough to push and trigger the mower to battle to chop the grass.

The uneven floor might trigger the rear of the mower housing to tug on uneven floor, making it tough to push the mower. Thick grass may trigger drag on the blade, which is able to make the mower onerous to push.

Resolution 1: Elevate the Mower Lower Peak

To make pushing the mower simpler, increase the lower peak to take a smaller chew of the grass at a time. This technique would require a number of passes to get the grass to the specified peak, however the mower will likely be simpler to push.

Elevating the lower peak may even stop the mower physique from dragging on uneven floor, decreasing the trouble required to push the mower.

Resolution 2: Interact the Self-Propelled Lever

Some CRAFTSMAN electrical mowers include a self-propelled possibility, which is engaged by pulling a lever on the mower’s deal with. This feature will use some energy from the motor to drive the wheels, which propels the mower ahead, decreasing the trouble required by the individual pushing the mower.

8. CRAFTSMAN Electrical Mower Ceaselessly Journeys the Circuit Breaker

A man checking the battery of an electric lawn mower.

An issue chances are you’ll expertise when utilizing your CRAFTSMAN mower is the circuit breaker steadily tripping whereas the mower is getting used.

This downside could also be brought on by components exterior to the mower or an issue with the mower itself.

Resolution 1: Verify the Extension Cable for Injury

The primary examine you need to carry out in case your CRAFTSMAN mower steadily journeys the circuit is to examine the extension twine for fraying, broken insulation, or a fault. This injury is the most typical and sure reason behind frequent circuit breaker journeys with an electrical mower.

Change the extension twine if any put on is seen on the cable or injury to the outside of the cable is seen.

Resolution 2: Verify the Circuit for Overloading

One other reason behind the circuit tripping could also be unrelated to a fault on the mower or the extension. If the circuit the mower is engaged on is overloaded with different home equipment or gadgets, the circuit might journey when the mower motor is engaged.

Verify for different home equipment or energy instruments on the identical electrical circuit, unplug them whereas utilizing the mower, or seek the advice of an electrician to put in a bigger circuit breaker.

Slicing thick grass can also trigger the circuit preacher to journey. The mower will draw extra energy when pushed by means of thick grass, and extra calls for are placed on the motor. Elevate the lower peak when chopping thick grass to forestall this downside.