Easy methods to Repair CRAFTSMAN Using Garden Mower Issues

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A collage of riding lawn mowers.

CRAFTSMAN-riding gasoline-powered lawnmowers are implausible for reducing bigger expanses of grass, similar to these present in golf programs or parks. With the ability to drive the mower is rather more enjoyable and requires far much less bodily exertion than pushing a mower up and down within the blazing solar.

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CRAFTSMAN Using Garden Mowers provide many benefits however do often develop issues:

1. Engine gained’t begin

2. Blades gained’t interact

3. Runs for a bit, then dies

4. Gained’t reduce garden evenly

5. Gained’t drive ahead

6. Doesn’t steer accurately

7. Exhaust billows smoke

8. And extra …

1. Engine Gained’t Begin

A man riding on a lawn mower on a backyard.

Everyone knows the frustration while you’re all “dressed up” and able to sort out the primary lawn-cutting train of the season, solely to seek out that your trusty CRAFTSMAN using mower gained’t begin.

The CRAFTSMAN using mower is, after all, fitted with a gasoline engine which suggests a number of issues could possibly be inflicting the engine to not begin. The under covers the widespread the reason why the engine doesn’t begin.

Resolution 1: Drain and Substitute Previous Fuel

Test that the gasoline tank accommodates gasoline, particularly if the mower has been standing for an prolonged interval. Gasoline degrades over time and evaporates.

Previous gasoline ought to be drained from the system and changed with new to remove this drawback.

Resolution 2: Substitute the Gasoline Filter

Following the gasoline line from the gasoline gasoline tank to the carburetor will lead you to the gasoline filter. The filter could also be soiled, proscribing or stopping gasoline from reaching the carburetor so the mower gained’t begin.

If the gasoline filter is visibly soiled inside, change the gasoline filter to make sure the gasoline can move by the filter.

Resolution 3: Guarantee All Security Cutoff Switches Are Engaged

CRAFTSMAN using mowers have two security switches that make sure the mover gained’t begin by accident. One change is underneath the motive force’s seat, and the foot brake controls the opposite.

Their design is such that the motive force have to be seated on the seat, and the brake have to be depressed to disengage the protection switches for the mower to start out. Standing subsequent to the mower whereas attempting to start out the engine won’t work.

Resolution 4:Cost the Battery

All CRAFTSMAN using mowers have a battery situated underneath the motive force’s seat to show and begin the engine. When turning the ignition key and the engine turns very slowly however gained’t begin, the battery is almost definitely discharged.

Turning on the ignition and listening to a clicking sound with out the engine turning is a certain signal that the battery is drained and must be charged.

In each situations, the battery requires charging, or if the issue persists, the battery might have substitute.

Resolution 5: Clear or Substitute the Solenoid

The carburetor gasoline solenoid is connected to the bottom of the carburetor. The carburetor controls the gasoline and air combination required for the engine to run. The solenoid is an electrically operated gasoline provide and shut-off valve. When the valve doesn’t work, it prevents gasoline from getting into the carburetor.

Diagnosing if the solenoid is defective is shortly completed by getting an ear down near the solenoid. A click on sound shall be heard when the secret is turned on and off because the solenoid retracts and releases. If no sound is heard, the solenoid is probably going defective and requires substitute, or the mower gained’t work.

The solenoid will have to be eliminated by unscrewing it with a spanner of the proper dimension and cleaned or changed if the cleansing doesn’t work.

Resolution 6: Substitute the Filter

The air filter is subsequent to the carburetor and filters the air fed into the carb. When the air filter is filthy, it could get clogged up by mud particles. The clogged-up filter will forestall air from reaching the carburetor and the engine from beginning.

The answer is to change the filter with a brand new one.

Resolution 7: Substitute the Spark Plug

The spark plug performs the important job of igniting the gasoline within the cylinder head whereas the engine is working. The spark plug is continually uncovered to burning gasoline and oil residue; due to this fact, the spark plug can shortly grow to be soiled.

Eradicating the spark plug is an easy train utilizing a spark plug spanner. A unclean spark plug will be cleaned utilizing a wire brush however will ultimately have to be changed. As a substitute, change the spark plug to make certain it’s working nicely.

2. Blades Gained’t Have interaction

Wear out blades of a riding lawn mower.

Your CRAFTSMAN using mower is working, you’ve reached the world that wants mowing, however now the blades gained’t interact. What could possibly be fallacious?

We’ve discovered 5 attainable causes for the blades not participating with CRAFTSMAN using mowers. These issues could differ relying on in case your mower has a handbook lever clutch or an digital PTO clutch.

Resolution 1: Substitute the Electrical PTO Clutch

Defective PTO clutch. When energy is provided to the clutch, the clutch engages and turns the mower’s blades through the drive belt. When the PTO clutch doesn’t interact, the interior mechanism has failed.

The PTO clutch will not be a repairable half because it’s a sealed unit, so it must be changed.

Resolution 2: Take away and Check Take-off Swap

The second motive the blades gained’t interact on the electrically operated unit is a defective energy take-off change. This change is situated on the dashboard of the mower and is often yellow. Pulling the change engages the blades, whereas urgent the change disengages the blades.

Eradicating the change and testing it for continuity utilizing a multi-meter is the very best to find out if the change gained’t work. If defective, the change would have to be changed as you possibly can’t restore it.

Resolution 3: Substitute Drive Belt

Earlier than we cope with the handbook clutch mowers, one widespread merchandise between the electrical clutch and handbook model mowers is the drive belt.

The drive belt is situated beneath the mower and connects the crankshaft to the mower blades through the clutch meeting.

The drive belt is a high-quality V belt, just like these utilized in mannequin automotive engines. When this belt turns into excessively worn or is broken or reduce, it may well not drive the mower’s blades, which gained’t work.

The drive belt have to be changed when broken or worn out.

Resolution 4: Substitute Lever Mechanism Unit

CRAFTSMAN using mowers fitted with a handbook clutch can undergo the next failures over time that forestall the mower’s blades from participating.

The clutch engages and disengages the blades on the operated by hand model. The clutch is operated by flattening a lever on the proper of the dashboard. A cable connects the lever mechanism to the clutch situated underneath the mower.

The lever mechanism within the dashboard can fail over time, making it inconceivable to retract the cable related to the clutch.

A failed lever mechanism would require the substitute of the unit.

Resolution 5: Substitute Damaged Clutch Cable

Damaged handbook clutch cable or spring: The cable, as talked about earlier, connects the lever mechanism, and the clutch, together with its tensioner spring, is sporting elements, so it may well fail with extreme use and ultimately gained’t work.

A damaged or severely worn clutch cable and its accompanying tensioner spring have to be changed ought to they fail.

3. Runs for a Bit, Then Dies, Gained’t Work

A man checking on his riding lawn mower.

The CRAFTSMAN using mower is dependable and usually doesn’t trigger issues. Sometimes, you could discover that your mower begins up after which dies. If you crank it, it begins, solely to show off once more.


Briggs and Stratton’s engines utilized in CRAFTSMAN mowers are four-stroke engines, in order that they use unmixed gasoline (no two-stroke oil required). They typically run very clear and shouldn’t develop any carburetor blockages.

Gasoline hunger is the almost definitely explanation for the engine beginning after which stopping shortly after.

Assuming the gasoline tank is sufficiently crammed and accommodates contemporary gasoline. The motor dies as a result of the gasoline getting into the carburetor flows in slower than the outflow of gasoline into the engine; successfully, the carburetor runs dry, which causes the issue.

The trigger is a blocked gasoline line or clogged gasoline filter. 10% Ethanol gasoline is hard on rubber gasoline hose and causes the gasoline line to degrade internally. This degradation blocks or severely reduces gasoline circulation from the tank to the engine.

Changing the gasoline line and filter will restore the gasoline circulation to the motor and forestall the engine from turning off while you least want the issue.


4. Gained’t Minimize Garden Evenly

A man mowing a large field.

Chopping a big part of garden solely to appreciate that you simply’ve reduce a collection of steps into the garden’s floor will be disappointing. How does this occur?


An uneven reduce outcomes from the mower deck (reducing blades) not being set to the proper peak, or your mower could have a deflated tire inflicting the issue.

A mower-cutting deck rides on a collection of linkages. They permit the deck to be adjusted up and down to regulate the reducing depth.

An underinflated or flat tire can play havoc with the angle of the reducing blades. If the blades aren’t degree with the bottom and reduce deeper on one facet of the mower, it’ll end in an uneven reduce. So make certain all of the tires are inflated to the proper stress.

Chopping deck adjustment is made by two adjustment bolts. One adjusts the peak seen from the left and proper of the deck, and the opposite modifications the entrance and rear deck peak. It’s fast and straightforward! We’ve connected the under YouTube video, which particulars how the changes are carried out.

5. Gained’t Drive Ahead

A man driving a lawn mower.

Like so many different mechanical gadgets, extreme use of a CRAFTSMAN using mower will ultimately take its toll. Sometimes one thing could go fallacious, stopping it from driving. The gear lever is likely one of the objects on a mower that sees lots of use because it’s continuously shifted between drive, impartial, and reverse.


The linkage becoming a member of the gear choice lever and the precise gearbox could exit of alignment or get clogged up with grime, stopping the gear levers from touring all the distance to interact or disengage a gear. After all, the gearbox could possibly be defective, however that is unlikely as they’re robustly constructed.

Following the gear degree selector down under the proper fender of the mower will reveal the linkages that would want adjustment when gear choice turns into tough.

Provided that the linkages differ from mannequin to mannequin, it could be essential to enlist knowledgeable. Alternatively, some trial-and-error changes could do the trick.

A build-up of grime contained in the linkages is an actual drawback. The underside of the mower is uncovered to lots of mud generated by the spinning blades.

Fastidiously eradicating the varied elements of the gear choice linkage will reveal grime that forestalls the levers from shifting their complete size of journey, stopping the shifter from working. Eradicating the grime will allow the gears to be chosen and permit the mover to drive.

6. Doesn’t Steer Appropriately

A man steering the wheel of his lawn mower.

The CRAFTSMAN using mower follows a standard tractor design, having two driving wheels on the rear and two entrance wheels that present steering by turning left and proper. The driving force operates a steering wheel exactly such as you would when steering a car.

Over time the steering mechanism of the CRAFTSMAN using mower is vulnerable to growing an issue with turning to the left however usually turns to the proper. Fortuitously, it is a fairly easy repair.


The CRAFTSMAN steering mechanism is fairly primary, consisting of a steering column housing a gear that connects to a gear plate. The gear plate connects the left and proper entrance wheels through a metallic rod or linkage. The gear plate rotates as you flip the steering, altering the wheels’ route.

The steering column’s base gear plate is slotted to restrict the wheel’s rotation to both facet. Over time the slot situated within the gear plate turns into clogged with grime which is compressed right into a stable mass contained in the slot or reduce out, inflicting left turns to not work.

The grime build-up contained in the slot limits the gear plate’s motion, limiting the wheels’ potential to show. The plate design appears to create the issue when turning left solely.

The gear plate must be eliminated to get the wheel turning once more, which is extra easy than it could sound. The grime and dirt build-up have to be faraway from the slot within the gear plate, and the world housing the plate have to be cleaned. As soon as the grime is eliminated, the steering mechanism will operate.

7. Exhaust Billows Smoke

A man fixing the blade of a law mower.

Even an incredible engine similar to those used within the CRAFTSMAN using mowers can develop an issue the place white smoke begins billowing from the mower’s exhaust. The issue can grow to be so dangerous that the engine gained’t work.


Worn piston rings could cause the mower’s engine to billow smoke, however this tends to occur slowly over time. If a wonderfully good working engine all of a sudden begins billowing smoke, the trigger is probably going a blown head gasket.

The pinnacle gasket seals the house between the cylinder head, which homes the valves, and the a part of the engine housing the piston. When smoke begins billowing from the exhaust, it’s an indication that oil and even water are getting into the combustion chamber, the place the oil ignites and begins smoking.

Changing the cylinder head is a job finest left to a mechanic as further harm, similar to a cracked head, could have developed and would require identification and restore.

8. Vibrates a Lot When Mowing

An old man mowing the lawn using a lawn mower.

Vibrations are widespread amongst using mowers as they bump and grind their means. Extreme or new vibration will not be good, which means one thing has an issue.

Quite a few issues could cause vibrations, however the commonest is a blade or blades which have grow to be unbalanced or, in older machines, a mandrel that’s gone defective. The mandrel accommodates a shaft supported by bearings. The mandrel homes the blade on one finish and a pulley round which the drive belt runs.

Quite a few issues could cause vibrations, however the commonest is a blade or blades which have grow to be unbalanced or, in older machines, a mandrel that’s gone defective. The mandrel accommodates a shaft supported by bearings. The mandrel homes the blade on one finish and a pulley round which the drive belt runs.

Resolution 1: Substitute Worn or Broken Blade

CRAFTSMAN blades are fabricated from high-quality hardened metal, which lasts a very long time. Blades take the brunt of the drive when reducing grass; though one tries to keep away from it, they strike a rock often. The affect can bend and even break a blade piece, which might trigger vibration.

The answer is to change the broken blade with a brand new blade. A substitute will cease the blade from vibrating.

Resolution 2: Substitute Worn or Broken Mandrel

A worn or broken mandrel could cause the mower to vibrate. Though mandrels are a sturdy equipment, they will ultimately put on and fail, inflicting vibrations.

The mandrel must be changed to repair this vibration, per the YouTube video under.