How A lot Water Do Strawberry Crops Want? Watering Errors to Keep away from

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Up close view of strawberries on a strawberry plant wet with rainwater

Strawberries are a summer time backyard staple and for good purpose. They’re scrumptious, comparatively straightforward to develop, they are often grown in quite a lot of situations, they usually usually have a terrific payoff. Like most fruits strawberries require particular care directions with the intention to develop their greatest and healthiest. Strawberries require constant watering, and their watering wants can change over their rising cycle. However precisely how a lot water do strawberries really want? Maintain studying to learn the way a lot and the way usually you need to water your strawberry vegetation, and what errors to keep away from when watering. 

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How a lot water do strawberry vegetation want?

A number of elements like soil sort, native local weather, time of day, rising interval, and watering methodology will all contribute to how a lot and the way usually you need to water your strawberry vegetation. Whether or not you might be rising your strawberries in pots or within the floor may even decide how you need to water your strawberries. Strawberries develop their greatest in persistently watered soil. Typically, strawberries ought to obtain “about an inch of water per week, though you might want to extend that quantity to as a lot as 2.5 inches throughout sizzling, dry summer time climate”[1]. Equally, for those who obtain lots of rain in a matter of some days, you will want to cut back the quantity or frequency of watering. In case your space receives “1 to 1.5 inches of rainfall per week”[1] you possibly can skip watering altogether. When you obtain heavy rain you need to examine your soil moisture first earlier than watering to stop drowning the roots and inflicting root rot and an finally lifeless plant. To check the soil, use a moisture meter, or your finger to check the soil beneath the floor. If the meter determines the soil is moist, or in case your finger comes up moist or muddy, you possibly can wait one other day earlier than watering. 

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How usually must you water your strawberry vegetation? 

Strawberry vegetation want 1-2 inches of water per week, however how usually must you be watering them? The frequency at which you water your strawberry vegetation needs to be decided by the dryness of the soil. If the highest 2 inches of the soil are dry, then it’s time to water once more. Use your finger or a moisture meter, or a wood trowel to check the moisture of the soil. If the highest 2 inches of soil are dry, it’s time to water. If the floor of the soil remains to be moist, you possibly can wait one other day or two earlier than watering once more. Subsequently, for those who stay in a sizzling dry space, you possibly can be watering every single day. When you stay in a cooler extra humid space, then you possibly can doubtless water your strawberries as soon as each few days. As a result of strawberry vegetation have shallow root methods[2] it’s essential to not let the highest layer of soil keep dry for too lengthy, because the roots will likely be unable to succeed in the moisture additional down within the soil. 

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Errors to keep away from when watering strawberries


Strawberry vegetation have shallow root methods, which implies they cant entry moisture that’s too far beneath the floor. Subsequently, if the primary few inches on the floor of the soil are left dry for too lengthy, your strawberry vegetation could have no different supply of moisture. When you water incessantly within the beneficial 1 to 2 inches per week, however your soil remains to be drying out rapidly, you need to use a mulch to lure humidity within the soil. You should utilize a straw mulch, or fallen leaves to maintain your soil moister for longer between waterings, and it’ll additionally deter pests like slugs and snails from consuming your strawberries earlier than you do. 


Overwatering can in a short time kill your strawberry vegetation, even quicker than underwatering. As a result of strawberry roots are very superb and delicate, extra water can rapidly trigger disaster. Root rot is a  excessive threat when overwatering, and it may kill your plant whereas additionally spreading and harming others. It is best to all the time examine your soil earlier than watering if you’re not sure concerning the quantity of water below the floor of the soil. To guard your strawberry vegetation from overwatering, water solely when the floor of the soil is barely dry. 

Watering overhead

Watering instantly onto your fruit might be very detrimental to your strawberry vegetation. Watering overhead for younger strawberry vegetation or seedlings can uproot them, inflicting them to die from and incapacity to take up vitamins from the soil. Whereas, watering your mature fruiting strawberry vegetation overhead may cause your berries to rot and die. In case your strawberries are too moist, they will start to rot from the surplus moisture. “Researches have discovered that drip irrigation is rather more environment friendly than overhead”[3] watering, as it may sufficiently soak the soil with out damaging the delicate berries. If you’re watering with a hose or watering can strive focusing the water on the soil surrounding the plant as a substitute of instantly on high of the plant, from a distance of at the very least a couple of inches away. 

Watering too intently

Watering too intently, particularly when watering seedlings or immature strawberry vegetation might be detrimental to root improvement. The water stress from a hose can utterly dislodge seeds and crush immature vegetation. When watering seedlings use a mist bottle to soak the soil with out damaging the plant. When watering smaller strawberry vegetation or mature vegetation, soak the soil surrounding the plant from a distance of at the very least a couple of inches, and with a low stress hose, watering can, or drip irrigation. 

Watering at evening

As a result of the air is usually extra humid in a single day, and the temperatures decrease, watering your strawberries within the night might be detrimental to them. One of the best time to water your strawberry vegetation, and most vegetation for that matter is within the early morning[1]. Watering your strawberry vegetation within the morning earlier than the climate reaches peak temperatures will stop your leaves from being scorched by the mix of the solar and water droplets. It’s going to additionally give all of them day to dry out. Watering within the night as temperatures drop, and the solar goes away won’t permit your vegetation to dry, which might trigger them to change into soggy, and the fruit to change into waterlogged and decay. 


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