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Frozen vegetable in a zip lock inside a freezer.

Primarily, freezers are little greater than warmth pumps that have to work in very small areas. They work by eradicating heat air from contained in the freezer, then forcing this air over a cooled coil to soak up the warmth.  The chilly air that’s left is then pumped again into the freezer.

Freezers are one of the vital frequent home equipment in america. The expertise to run them has been round for over 100 years, but few folks actually perceive the essential rules behind how their dwelling freezer works.

Whereas human being have been storing ice and utilizing underground cellars to protect meals for hundreds of years, the primary freezer as we might consider it at the moment was patented within the 1840s, These gadgets weren’t notably dependable, nevertheless, till the appearance of regular, steady energy from electrical energy was launched and have become commonplace within the late 1800s.

Even if in case you have no intention of ever attempting to construct or restore a freezer by yourself, realizing how your freezer works can save plenty of money and time when this equipment breaks. 


Frozen foods and ice cubes inside a freezer.

Primarily, freezers are little greater than warmth pumps that have to work in very small areas. They work by eradicating heat air from contained in the freezer, then forcing this air over a cooled coil to soak up the warmth. The chilly air that’s left is then pumped again into the freezer.

Freezers work by making use of a number of primary legal guidelines of physics. They’re primarily a mix of thermodynamic rules and Bernoulii’s Precept.

One of the vital essential legal guidelines of thermodynamics (the research of how warmth strikes)is that warmth will at all times transfer from an space of extra warmth to much less warmth. Which means whereas many individuals understand a freezer as making the air inside it colder, in reality, the freezer is definitely eradicating the warmth from the air contained in the freezer and expelling it outdoors the freezer.

As a way to do that, nevertheless, the freezer has to create a spot with much less warmth than the within of the freezer with a view to pull the warmth out of the freezer. For a few years, developing with methods to do that was an insurmountable problem. In spite of everything, how can there be an space with much less warmth if there isn’t a the place to switch that warmth to?

Early Freezers

An underground tunnel for ice storage used as ancient freezer.

For this reason for 1000’s of years the one freezers that have been out there have been based mostly on storing ice. Large blocks of ice have been minimize from lakes through the winter months, then saved in underground shelters and ice-barns. By burying the ice underneath layers of thick straw, it was doable to protect the ice for a number of months in some climates. When wanted, a chunk of the ice was eliminated and positioned inside an insulated field.

These freezers labored by transferring the warmth from the field into the block of ice. As this occurred, the ice would soften, however the inside of the field would “get chilly”.  

The most important drawback with this technique is that it is determined by the provision of ice. That made it insufficient for bigger areas or notably scorching climates. The price of ice was additionally notably excessive, making this methodology of refrigeration solely out there to the rich. Having the ability to discover a technique to maintain an area chilly was a expertise that was being closely researched by the center of the Industrial Revolution.

Primary Electrical Freezers

A basic electric freezer with frozen foods.

The issue of a colder supply to attract away warmth was solved with the appliance of Bernoulii’s Precept. This scientific precept states that as a gasoline will increase in stress, it’s temperature decreases. Which means if a gasoline might be forcibly compressed, it’s doable to create an space with a decrease temperature with out creating a spot for the warmth to flee to.

Utilizing this precept, the earliest freezers used a wide range of frequent substances that have been capable of be simply compressed. In some early fashions, this was carried out with a handbook or steam-powered pump. The refrigerant in these early fashions was often contained in a coiled pipe or different sort of collapsible container that made compression doable.  

The refrigerant was compressed, creating a spot of decrease temperature. Air from the freezer would then stream over this coil, transferring the warmth from the air into the coil. The expanded gasoline or fluid would then broaden to outdoors of the unit, releasing the warmth into the encompassing atmosphere. The refrigerant would once more must be manually compressed with a view to convey its temperature again down.

Whereas this methodology labored, the reality was that it hardly ever labored persistently sufficient to maintain meals chilly for extended durations of time. Early freezers would spring leaks within the compression coils, primarily breaking the complete system. With out the flexibility to persistently preserve a continuing stress, it was additionally frequent for these freezers to get both too scorching or too chilly, inflicting points with the meals saved inside.  

For almost all of the 1800s, this meant that these sorts of freezers weren’t extremely popular. Exterior of utilizing them for some scientific functions, they weren’t notably standard on the patron market. By the flip of the century, nevertheless, that may change.

Electrical Freezers

A kitchen with fancy refrigerator and granite countertop.

By the Twenties, rising demand for refrigerated areas was placing stress on scientists and inventors to enhance the design of the freezer. Largely, this demand was pushed by the necessity for air conditioned hospitals and locations to retailer treatment (pushed, sadly, by the top of World Conflict I and the outbreak of Spanish Flu). 

Thankfully, this led to the invention of a refrigerant referred to as freon and the invention of the electrical condenser. Freon was a chemical that may produce very chilly temperatures at a comparatively low degree of pressurization. It was additionally able to being condensed repeatedly with comparatively little leakage.  

Freon could possibly be produced for a low sufficient price that it made sense to begin utilizing it in industrial air conditioners, freezers, and fridges. Inside a number of years, these home equipment turned commonplace in lots of American households, and all of them labored underneath the identical normal precept.

Warn air was pressured to go over a coil of compressed freon gasoline. This compressed gasoline really fashioned a really chilly liquid, which might take in plenty of warmth from the air passing over it. This warmth would flip the freon right into a gasoline, which might broaden to an space outdoors of the freezer. A blower would dissipate the warmth into the encompassing air. The freon would then be pumped and condensed once more and compelled by way of a coil within the inside of the freezer.

For this reason a correctly working freezer will really feel heat to an individual who locations their hand on the aspect or again. That is the warmth from the inside of the freezer being dissipated into the encompassing atmosphere.

Fashionable Freezers

Freon was the most well-liked selection for refrigerant for almost 100 years. Over time, nevertheless, it was found that this gasoline was dangerous to the atmosphere. There at the moment are a number of selections relating to refrigerants, though RU-114 tends to be the most well-liked selection for shopper freezers.

Freezers which are used for industrial and scientific functions could use alternate refrigerants that may get rather a lot colder than these generally out there chemical compounds. Whereas these options can get a lot colder, in addition they are likely to price much more and often want specifically made condensers and pumps to get them to the correct temperature.

It’s essential to remember that like air conditioners, freezers actually solely function as on or off. When they’re on, they’re condensing refrigerant and eradicating warmth from the air contained in the freezer. Fashionable freezers which have a thermostat (a tool that enables the person to regulate the temperature) are literally solely turning the condenser on till the specified temperature contained in the unit is reached.

An empty freezer of a refrigerator.

Which means setting a freezer temperature too low will trigger the condenser to constantly function. In older freezers that don’t shut off  mechanically, this may trigger a freezer to “freeze up”. Primarily, because of this the condenser isn’t permitting the refrigerant to broaden outdoors the unit, making it not possible to dissipate the warmth.