How lengthy do strawberry crops final in pots? Errors to keep away from and ideas for getting them to last more

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Row of strawberry plants in black pots on a white ledge

Strawberries are a tremendous addition to the backyard within the spring and summer season, however not everyone has the area for them. Strawberry crops require loads of direct daylight, however for these with a small shaded backyard or no outside gardening area, this is usually a problem. Fortunately, strawberries will be grown fairly simply in pots and planters open air and indoors. However how lengthy do strawberries final in pots, and the way do you make them develop as sturdy as strawberries grown within the backyard? Hold studying for errors to keep away from when rising strawberries in pots, and the right way to get them to last more. 

Why do you have to develop strawberry crops in pots?

In case you are restricted on backyard area or don’t get satisfactory daylight within the backyard, rising strawberry crops in pots is usually a nice choice. Strawberry crops will be grown in pots indoors or open air and will be simply moved round to chase the daylight that reaches your property if want be. Strawberries do require full direct solar for as much as 12 hours, so if your property will get very minimal daylight, then strawberries may not be your best option. Nevertheless, if your property does get satisfactory solar, then you may simply develop this scrumptious plant in quite a lot of planters. You’ll be able to develop strawberries in raised backyard beds, pots, window planters, hanging planters, and extra. Basically, you probably have solar, water, and satisfactory area you may develop strawberries. 

Rising strawberries in raised backyard beds or pots even you probably have backyard area can nonetheless be a great choice. Pots and planters or raised backyard beds can help you have extra management over the soil and usually have higher drainage. Rising your strawberries above the bottom additionally will defend them from pests. Slugs and different small critters will naturally be deterred in case your strawberries are raised as they are going to be tougher to entry. So if you happen to’re restricted on area, don’t get satisfactory daylight in your backyard, or simply wish to preserve your strawberries secure from pests, rising them in pots is a superb choice. 

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How lengthy do strawberry crops final in pots?

Most strawberry crops grown within the backyard can produce fruit for a number of years earlier than their manufacturing begins to taper off. The quantity of fruit produced by your strawberry crops may even rely in your number of strawberries, your native local weather, and your care. Most strawberry crops will final 2 to three years[1] earlier than the variety of fruit produced begins to die off. After 2 or 3 years strawberry crops will must be changed if you wish to have a bountiful harvest. Preserving excellent care of your strawberry crops will preserve them in good situation, however possible gained’t prolong their lifespan previous the 3-year mark. 

So, do strawberry crops last more in pots than within the backyard? Properly, no, however they will final practically so long as strawberry crops planted within the floor or in raised backyard beds if the correct care is taken. To maintain your strawberries of their greatest situation for so long as potential you have to to take nice care of them. After harvesting, your strawberry crops will most likely require pruning, or rejuvenation to supply the highest quality berries. You too can create new generations of strawberry crops by propagating new strawberry crops out of your plant runners. In a approach, this will prolong the lifespan of your plant. You’ll be able to trim runners and replant them in new pots and they’re going to finally develop into model new strawberry crops.  

Errors to keep away from 

Too little solar

Strawberries want loads of solar to develop efficiently, as much as 12 hours. In case your strawberry crops get lower than at the least 5 or 6 hours of direct daylight they may produce very small berries. To provide one of the best berries, put your strawberry crops in a spot that will get loads of direct solar. Should you develop your strawberries inside on a window sill, you may rotate your plant every now and then to make sure it’s getting even daylight. 

Overwatering or underwatering

Strawberry crops grown in pots or planting containers usually have higher drainage, because the water can extra rapidly escape from the underside. In soil water will extra slowly disperse which might typically result in root rot in case your crops are being overwatered. Nevertheless, transferring the identical watering strategies from the backyard to potted crops can result in some issues. Simply because potted crops can drain rapidly if there’s a draining gap on the underside of the container, doesn’t imply they want extra water. The bottom line is to maintain your soil moist however not moist or dry. Pots can simply be overwatered as a result of they’ve a smaller floor space, however they will additionally grow to be dry rapidly due to the drainage, and water can evaporate from the pot, particularly if utilizing terracotta pots. 

Selecting the fallacious container

Potted crops can solely increase so far as the container, whereas within the floor they’ve virtually free vary to unfold out their roots. Strawberry crops develop comparatively shallow roots[2], however they will increase additional width-wise. You must solely plant “3 crops per sq. foot of soil”[2]. “Strawberries have a comparatively small root ball and will be grown in containers as small as 10 to 12 inches in diameter and eight inches deep”[3], however the smaller the container, the extra typically you have to to water it. The pot you select must also not taper down too rapidly; despite the fact that strawberries root shallow, they nonetheless want satisfactory area beneath the floor. 

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Tricks to make your strawberry crops last more in pots

Don’t overcrowd!

Strawberry crops can develop in small areas, however you’ll get the healthiest crops and tastiest berries if they’ve satisfactory area to develop to their full potential. There needs to be not more than 3 strawberry crops or seeds planted in an space of 1 sq. foot of soil. In case your pots are overcrowded your crops can be combating for gentle and vitamins and it might degrade the standard of your entire crops. You’ll get the most important berries if you happen to preserve the three crops to 1 sq. foot rule. Select a pot that may present sufficient area, or plant particular person crops per pot. 

Harden off your seedlings earlier than transferring them exterior

In case you are rising strawberry crops from seeds it’s best to develop them into seedlings indoors first. After your strawberry crops have sprouted into small immature crops you may switch them to a bigger pot, being certain to solely plant 3 crops per 1 sq. foot of soil. In case you are holding your strawberry plant pots open air, nonetheless, you have to to harden off your seedlings first. Hardening off your crops prepares them to proceed to stay exterior. Hardening off entails leaving your seedlings or immature crops open air for progressively rising durations of time. Ultimately, you may go away your crops open air for a whole day, and so they gained’t be shocked by the weather. As soon as your crops are ready to stay open air, you may switch them into bigger pots if want be, and put them of their everlasting location. 

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Give your strawberry crops the right amount of water

Potted strawberry crops will be fairly simply overwatered since they’re in such a small space. Nevertheless, as a result of most potted crops have a drainage gap on the backside, and have a restricted quantity of soil, they will additionally dry out rapidly. Water may also simply evaporate via terracotta pots. To maintain a great steadiness within the soil it’s vital to maintain the soil moist however not moist or dry. To fight over and beneath watering, water extra ceaselessly however with much less water, particularly throughout the sizzling months. You’ll be able to water as soon as a day or a couple of instances a day with a small quantity of water to maintain the soil damp. Should you’re uncertain in regards to the water ranges in your soil, you should use a moisture meter to ensure there isn’t an extra of water beneath the floor. You too can use your finger to really feel how moist the soil is beneath the floor. 


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