How one can Repair DEWALT Miter Noticed Issues

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A collage of dewalt miter saw.

DEWALT is the go-to model for professionals and DIY fanatics. It gives a flexible and correct capability in crosscuts and miters, angled cuts for molding, rafters, trim work, and bevels. After a whole lot of labor hours and 1000’s of cuts, even a preferred energy device just like the DEWALT miter noticed could have some issues. We are going to take a look at a few of these issues and supply options.

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DEWALT Miter Noticed is a go-to device for professionals and DIY fanatics, with just a few operational issues:

  1. Noticed gained’t begin
  2. Motor spins however not the blade
  3. Electrical brake gained’t interact
  4. Blade journeys the breaker
  5. Blade not chopping sq.
  6. Blade has a wobble

1. Noticed Gained’t Begin

A man holding a Dewalt miter saw.

Chances are you’ll be able to work, however your DEWALT Miter Noticed doesn’t work whenever you click on the change.

Resolution 1: Test All Sources of Energy

  • Corded Noticed
  • First, verify if the noticed is related and plugged into the outlet. Subsequent, search for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Test the facility cable. Disconnect the noticed from {the electrical} outlet. Is the facility wire intact? Manually examine the wire and the prongs. Is there any harm? Subsequent, use a multimeter to verify the wire itself.
  • Cordless Noticed
  • Test the battery and the charger. DEWALT chargers present a flashing gentle when charging, and the battery has a meter that may present 1, 2, or 3 lights because the battery will get charged. When the battery or the charger exhibits no lights, it means the charger and battery may have some cleansing. Be sure that all contacts are free from filth and dirt.

Resolution 2: Substitute or Clear the Brushes

In case you discover no broken wires, plug the noticed again into the outlet and switch the change on. If the noticed doesn’t activate, unplug the facility cable, take away the battery and the charger, and take a look at the brushes. Take away the quilt on the finish of the motor. You will see the brushes on both aspect of the motor.

Take away every brush by unplugging the lead, lifting the spring, holding the comb, and pulling the comb out. Test if the comb is broken or worn out. Worn-out brushes can be a lot shorter than new ones. Substitute the brushes with new ones. If the brushes are intact, clear and reassemble them. Test to see if the noticed works now.

If the noticed stays unresponsive, the issue could also be within the motor. In case your DEWALT-Miter-Noticed is below guarantee, contact DEWALT’s assist group for recommendation. Whether it is out of guarantee and you can’t do it your self, contact knowledgeable for recommendation.

2. Motor Spins however Not the Blade

A man cutting a wood using a miter saw.

While you change the DEWALT-Miter-Noticed on, the motor works, however the blade stays immobile. While you change it on and off once more, the blade turns for just a few seconds and stops.


If the motor spins however the blade stays immobile, the issue could also be with the transmission mechanism, which incorporates the spindle, the gear, the bearings, the housing cowl, and the retaining ring. If you’re out of guarantee, it is a easy process you are able to do your self.

After eradicating the guard meeting, take away the blade. Do not forget that the blade bolt is reversed thread – you flip the wrench clockwise to loosen the bolt. Take away the blade and inside flange to straight entry the spindle and equipment meeting and examine the transmission mechanism. You’re searching for a broken bearing, a cracked housing cowl, or stripped gears.

One other half to examine is the armature gear. This half, nevertheless, requires extra superior abilities. In case your DEWALT-Miter-Noticed is below guarantee, contact DEWALT’s assist group for recommendation. If the noticed is out of guarantee and you can’t do it your self, contact knowledgeable for recommendation.

3. Electrical Brake Gained’t Have interaction

A miter saw with a red blade.

You turn off the machine after chopping, however the blade retains spinning for longer earlier than it takes just a few seconds to half a minute to decelerate to a whole cease. Beforehand, the machine stopped as quickly as you switched it off.

Resolution 1: Test the Brushes

Your DEWALT-Miter-Noticed has an electrical brake that’s imagined to cease the machine a second or two after you narrow. The electrical brake reverses the move of electrical present and causes the motor to decelerate till it stops. If the brake doesn’t kick in, the issue is most probably with the brushes.

Take away the quilt. The brushes are located on both aspect of the motor. Unplug the comb’s lead, elevate the spring, launch the comb, and pull it out. Repeat this with the opposite brush. Test every brush carefully, searching for indicators of injury. Worn-out brushes can be shorter than new ones. It’s advisable to exchange each brushes, even when one isn’t worn out, so that you at all times know that each are of the identical ‘age.’

Resolution 2: The Swap Could Be Defective

If each brushes are in good order, one other non-performing perpetrator stands out as the change. The change in DEWALT’s miter noticed change is a simple ‘on-off,’ or toggle, change. It handles each the motor and the electrical brakes. A defective change won’t help you flip the machine on. Typically it might trigger the electrical brake to fail and trigger the blade to show after switching the noticed off.

Take away the noticed’s deal with and the change cowl, unscrew the change, take away the wires and take the change out. Be sure that to notice the place every of the wires (yellow, black and crimson wires, and black wire) match. Set up the brand new change in reverse order. Plug every wire in its appropriate location, and screw the change again in. Make sure the wires are tucked in properly earlier than changing the quilt and the highest handles.


Resolution 3: Take a look at the Commutator And the Armature

If the issue persists, your following inspection objects are the commutator and the armature. Each management the route of the present, and because the electrical brake reverses that route, a defective commutator or armature might trigger the brake to fail.

Inspecting and changing both half requires each electrical and technical abilities. In case your DEWALT-Miter-Noticed is below guarantee, contact DEWALT’s assist group for recommendation. Whether it is out of guarantee and you can’t do it your self, contact knowledgeable for recommendation.


4. Blade Journeys the Breaker

Different types DeWALT equipment.

Your DEWALT miter noticed retains tripping the breaker as quickly as you turn it on. Whereas it doesn’t occur each time you click on the change, it occurs usually sufficient so that you can suspect that this isn’t a once-off occasion.

Resolution 1: Test the Energy Cords

Examine the facility wire and the plug prongs (or the battery and charger in case you have a cordless machine.) Use a multimeter to verify if the outlet or the facility wire’s wires trigger {an electrical} short-circuit. Take away extra machines and gadgets utilizing the identical outlet and take away extension cords.

Resolution 2: Test the Breaker

When the circuits are overloaded, the breakers journey to keep away from overheating and inflicting harm to the noticed. In case your miter noticed journeys the breaker, and the outlet and energy wire are working usually, you could verify the breaker.

While you change on a DEWALT miter noticed with a 15 amps motor, the machine attracts 30-40 amps for a cut up second. The present the noticed wants solely to function the motor, the no-load standing, is 6-7 amps. Normal family circuits are 15 or 20 amps, however circuit breakers can deal with solely as much as 80% of their listed amperage.

The amperage restrict signifies that 15 amps and even 20 amps motors may journey the breaker on startup. This, nevertheless, signifies that it is best to solely substitute the prevailing breaker with a better amperage one after determining what precipitated it to journey. The breaker protects the circuits from overheating and burning.

Typically the breaker journeys resulting from overload. While you click on the change, the noticed attracts energy in a sudden burst of 30-40 amps. That is extra amperage than the circuits can deal with, and it causes the breaker to journey. Contemplate buying a smooth starter, a tool that mechanically reduces the quantity of energy the motor attracts to show the blade on startup.

Along with stopping energy surges, a smooth starter reduces stresses precipitated to all elements of the models that deal with load and torque, that’s, the facility invested within the high-power rotation of the blade.

Resolution 3: Is the Miter Noticed in Want of a Service?

Contemplate the overall state of the machine. When was the final time you serviced it your self, or had it serviced by knowledgeable?

Open the machine and examine and repair its varied elements: Test the brushes for indicators of wear and tear and tear. Test the motor’s vents and take away all filth and mud balls. Examine the belt and, if obligatory, enhance or cut back its rigidity or substitute it altogether.

5. Blade Not Chopping Sq.

A worn out miter saw and wood chips.

As you narrow by the fabric, you discover an uneven lower. The bevel is way from good, affecting the items’ seamlessness, particularly round corners.

Resolution 1: Reset the Fence

The fence is the machine with which you align the fabric you want to lower. If the fence isn’t set 90 levels to the blade, pull the noticed down and lock it in place. Set the miter desk scale indicator to zero. You may as well reset the fence by shifting the sliding fence apart and unscrewing it with an Allan key to maneuver it so it’s sq. with the blade.

Resolution 2: Test the Bevel Setting

Use the bevel setting. It, too, ought to be set to zero. If it isn’t, launch the bevel maintain and set it to zero. Place a straightedge ruler on the bevel desk, push it in opposition to the blade, and verify if the blade is at 90 levels to the desk.

Resolution 3: Test the Blade with A Straightedge Ruler

With time and use, the blade spins at excessive velocity and cuts into varied supplies with totally different strengths. The blade could develop into warped. In case you can’t see defects with the bare eye, push a straightedge ruler in opposition to the blade. Spin the blade slowly and verify if there are gaps between the blade and the ruler.

Resolution 4: Guarantee Your Workpiece Is Clamped Securely

Is your workpiece fixed, clamped, and secured for bevel cuts? In case your workpiece isn’t secured, it might transfer. This can be the case even when the blade doesn’t wobble. Use clamps the place required and make sure the materials you narrow is pushed tight in opposition to the fence.

6. The Blade Has a Wobble

A man trying to replace a blade of a miter saw.

The blade developed a wobble, which impacts the standard of your work, forces the motor to work more durable, and will increase the chance of the noticed overheating.

Resolution 1: Substitute the Blade

Changing the blade ought to cease the wobbling if the issue lies with the blade.

Resolution 2: Test Different Elements of the Blade System

Take an in depth take a look at the blade and, utilizing a means of elimination, undergo the blade, the outer washer, and the bushing additional inside. Use this hyperlink for an in depth demonstration of the elimination course of.

Resolution 3: Test the Bearings

A man checking the bearing of a miter saw.

Having gone by all different options, take a better take a look at the bearings.

Open the drill’s cowl, take out the blade and open the casing behind it. Take out the transmission unit, and look carefully on the gears for blemishes or harm. Take away the grease and clear the unit completely, exposing the transmission elements.

Turning the gears round, you could really feel some resistance or block, however it will most likely not clarify the wobble. It is advisable break open the seals so you may examine the bearings.



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