I Purchased the OXO Omelette Spatula and That is What I Suppose About It

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OXO Omelette Spatula

Fact be instructed, I purchased the OXO omelette spatula accidentally.  After I purchased my Aeternum frying pan I wanted a flipping spatula.  The shop I used to be at didn’t have a flipping spatula so I grabbed the subsequent closest factor and that’s the OXO omelet spatula.  I figured I might make do with it.

Turned out this spatula wasn’t nice for flipping eggs, particularly within the extremely slick non-stick Aeternum pan.  Fried eggs simply slide round whereas I attempted getting the omelet spatula blade beneath for the flip.

After all, it’s not the spatula’s fault.  It’s not designed to be a flipping spatula. It’s a spreading or scraping spatula which is what you need for an omelet.

Which brings us as to whether the OXO omelet spatula is nice for omelets.

It’s.  It’s wonderful.

General, OXO kitchen devices and instruments are wonderful whereas not costing a fortune.  It’s no shock they’re so in style.

OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner, Silicone


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as of November 18, 2021

Why this spatula over a flipping spatula for omelets?

Simply so we’re on the identical web page, right here’s what I imply by a flipping spatula:

Unicook 2 Pack Flexible Silicone Spatula, Turner, 600F Heat Resistant, Ideal for Flipping Eggs, Burgers, Crepes and More, Black

It’s all within the angles.

With an everyday flipping spatula the angle is incorrect.  For omelet spreading and flipping you need a spreader.  For spreading the egg out, it’s apparent why.  For the omelet flip it helps to have a spatula you’ll be able to rotate along with your wrist-action as a substitute lifting and tipping such as you with an everyday flipping spatula.

The OXO omelet spatula has a big silicone blade that’s sharp sufficient to get beneath the omelet.  It’s lengthy and vast sufficient to get a giant portion of the omelet on it for a easy flip.

Agency and pliable on the similar time

Pliable OXO Omelette Spatula
Look how a lot the blade bends. It’s very dextrous but the backbone portion is agency. It’s a fantastic stability good for omelettes and different makes use of.

This spatula has a agency deal with and backbone which provides it energy.  Whenever you have a look at it, the yellow portion is the inside and acts like a backbone.

The clear portion is a pliable, flexible silicone that gives give and might bend that’s wonderful for scraping and spreading.

It’s a very nice mixture of agency and pliable… significantly better than most spatulas on the market.


OXO’s silicone used on lots of its kitchen utensils is so nice and I think it’s a giant motive the model does so properly.  It’s a pleasure gripping the non-slip, sure-grip silicone handles of those kitchen utensils.  In lots of circumstances, the silicone is utilized in different components of the instrument.  That is the case with OXO’s omelet spatula.  The whole blade is a pliable silicone.

Handy hanging gap

I don’t use it and as a substitute put it in a drawer, however there’s a gap on the finish of the deal with so you’ll be able to hold it or put it on a hook.

Vibrant yellow – a change from most of OXO’s kitchen instruments

This specific kitchen utensil is black and brilliant yellow which is a colour scheme from most of OXO’s instruments that are black and stainless-steel.  I like the intense yellow however the yellow seems to be a bit odd

It’s extra than simply an omelette spatula

Like I stated, I purchased this utensil as a result of it was the subsequent neatest thing and I used to be in a bind.  Nevertheless, I don’t make omelets sufficient to ever warrant shopping for a utensil particularly for omelets.  However that’s okay with this as a result of it truly is a multi-purpose spatula.  When it comes proper all the way down to it, it is a scraping type spatula that may scrape bowls very properly.

Dishwasher secure too

I believe this could go with out saying. No kitchen utensil will promote if it’s not dishwasher secure however simply in case you’re questioning, the OXO omelette spatula is dishwasher secure.  I’ve run it via many occasions.

However the clear half began getting cloudy

I don’t care one bit about this however while you look intently on the clear portion of the blade, you’ll be able to see that over time it’s not as clear because it was.  With use and washing it’s turn into a bit cloudy and never practically as clear because it was the day I eliminated it from the bundle.

Can it scoop cake?

No, it doesn’t.  It’s higher than utilizing your fingers however the form, angle and materials is all incorrect for scooping cake.  It’s arduous scooping cake with a correct instrument; with this you’ll find yourself with a multitude however after all it could possibly be utilized in a pinch.  If in case you have company, you’re higher off utilizing this than your fingers however my guess is a big kitchen knife could be significantly better.

Is the OXO Omelette spatula well worth the cash?

Sure and I say this for 3 causes:

  1. It’s low cost. It’s one thing like $11 so you’ll be able to’t go incorrect particularly given the subsequent two causes.
  2. It’s rather well made and does the job.  I really like the extraordinarily pliable silicone on the components the place being pliable is necessary but it surely’s not just a few flexible piece of junk.  The backbone of the utensil is agency in order that it provides each agency utilization however the dexterity of a extremely pliable spatula.
  3. It may be used for a lot of extra functions than simply creating omelettes.

OXO Good Grips Flip and Fold Omelet Turner, Silicone


 in inventory

3 new from $10.99

Free delivery

as of November 18, 2021