What to do with Flowering Oregano

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Tiny oregano flowers with bee visiting

Flowering Oregano

Likelihood is that you just’re right here as a result of you have already got an oregano plant rising in your out of doors or indoor herb backyard. Who can blame you! This perennial herb is simple to develop, pretty to have a look at, and it’s each a tremendous edible and medicinal plant on high of all of it!

Like many different perennial crops, oregano will go to flower every rising season. In case you’re new to rising herbs, you could not know what to do when this occurs. However worry not, it is a fully common and cyclical prevalence for a lot of plant varieties.

All through this text we’re going to undergo some particulars about oregano, what it means when it goes to flower, and what you are able to do with these flower as soon as it does!

Wild growing oregano leaves in lovely bushes

What’s an Oregano Plant?

Oregano is a perennial herb that’s a part of the mint household (lamiaceae), making it cousins with different very important herbs like basil, sage, and thyme. Oregano is initially from the Mediterranean area, that means that it loves warmth and daylight.

Oregano is adorned with small (often ovular) leaves which are inexperienced and bushy, and they’re organized evenly alongside their stem. These zesty oregano leaves have fairly a exceptional taste to them, making them a extremely important culinary herb.

The general development behavior of an oregano plant will differ in line with the species and the way blissful it’s. They are often something from a floor hugging trailing plant, to a 4 toes monster with woody stems.

The one factor that all of them have in frequent, is their superb little flower spikes. An oregano plant will often bloom within the late spring or early summer time. Although every flower is moderately small – solely 3-4mm every – they’re all a part of a fairly spectacular flower spike.

Oregano flowers are small and often both pink, white, or purple in coloration. They’ve a toned down taste and perfume of oregano leaves, and carry a lot of the identical vitamins because the leaves do.

Oregano plant with budding flowers in the summer time

Must you Let Oregano Flower?

Whether or not or not you determine to let your oregano plant go to flower, is solely depending on why you’re rising oregano within the first place. So we’re right here to tell you precisely what flowering oregano means:

What does a flowering plant point out?

As soon as the lively rising season of a sure plant is reaching an finish, it’ll be certain that its inhabitants can keep it up by producing seeds. The plant does this by first producing a flower which is able to then be fertilized by a pollinator.

Annual crops, biennial crops, and perennial crops all do that. The primary distinction right here is that an oregano plant will flower and produce seed, however it’ll additionally proceed to develop itself as effectively.

For annual crops, as soon as it has gone to flower, this is a sign that it has reached the top of its life cycle, and it’ll perish shortly after. Nonetheless, its seed will sprout into a brand new plant with the identical genetic make-up!

Ought to I let it go to flower?

Whether or not you merely don’t discover that the plant has began flowering or you’ll be able to’t prune it in time, it’s actually not that massive of a deal, particularly since of us often have multiple rising oregano plant at a time.

If this does occur, there are many issues that you are able to do with oregano flowers (which we go over within the subsequent part). Plus, the useful bugs within the space will thanks for it!

In case your oregano plant flowers, attempt to harvest the leaves as shortly as you’ll be able to. The flavour will shortly degrade as soon as the plant flowers, so that you’ll need to harvest them quickly! We’ve an article all about drying oregano sprigs right here!

In any other case, see when you can gather your spent flower heads as soon as they begin to flip brown and crumble. This fashion you’ll be able to harvest seeds and hold them over the winter, so you’ll be able to plant them the next spring.

Ought to I forestall oregano from flowering?

In case you’re a diligent particular person, you’ll be able to simply forestall your oregano plant from flowering. Even simply common leaf harvesting will forestall the plant from producing its flowers. It is going to additionally encourage a bushy and full form which we love.

Stopping your plant from flowering will guarantee that it’ll proceed producing tasty foliage, however it additionally signifies that you gained’t have any seeds to plant for subsequent yr. So it’s as much as you if you wish to hold your inhabitants rising, or not.

A person cutting flower in the garden.

What are you able to do with Oregano Flowers?

In case you’ve come this far, likelihood is that you’ve got by accident let your oregano patch go to flower and also you’re not too positive what to do with them! Seems, there are 5 superior methods to make the most of these worthwhile oregano flowers:

1. Make a Flower Association – earlier than we get into the frequent makes use of, let’s go over some extra distinctive methods to make use of oregano flowers!

These little flowers are stunning to have a look at and beautiful to odor. They make an excellent addition to flower bouquets, each dried or contemporary. You’ll be able to simply dry flowers by hanging them the other way up in bundles in a sunny and dry space for a few weeks.

Including oregano flowers to a bouquet provides an excellent nation look, or including them to potpourri or ornamental wreath provides a beautiful, spicy perfume.

2. Cooking & Garnishing – not everybody is aware of that almost all of flowers that herbs develop are additionally edible and simply as scrumptious as their leaves! They often simply have a toned down taste to them.

Of us will typically use oregano flowers as a beautiful garnish to a cheese plate, salad, cocktail, or dessert. Additionally they make an excellent addition to tomatoes, pasta sauce, or different varieties of tomato sauces.

3. Natural Tea – oregano flowers make an unbelievable natural tea with all types of medicinal advantages. You’ll be able to both simply use the dried leaves or add some dried flower to the combo to liven it up.

Oregano tea is claimed to assist with chilly signs, upset abdomen, complications, and lots of extra. It’s chalk filled with antioxidants, antibacterial, antifugal, and anti inflammatory properties.

4. Go away em’ Bee – you’ll be able to all the time simply go away the flowers within the backyard and allow them to do their factor! The flowers will ultimately crumble away and launch their little oregano seed, which is able to then develop into their very own little seedlings.

Moreover, useful bugs and pollinators like bees, moths, butterflies, and hummingbirds shall be particularly grateful for these nectar-filled flower spikes.

5. Seed Saving – when you’re feeling eager on propagating your oregano patch, you need to strive your hand at seed saving! There’s a quick window of time to do that, so hold an eye fixed out!

Wait till the flower heads have began to brown and crumble, however not a lot that they’ve already launched their seeds. From right here, snip away the stem of the flower head you need, and collect them into bundles.

Take the stems and collect them into bundles with twine. Then, hold the bundles the other way up in an space that receives direct daylight and has a superb draft. They need to be fully dried out in a couple of week.

Then you’ll be able to take the bundles and put them in a paper bag. Shake the paper bag round such as you imply it till the entire plant matter has been crushed up. From right here, pick the seeds and hold them in an hermetic container.

We’ve a full article on easy methods to harvest oregano seeds right here!

A close look at a bunch of potted oregano plants.

How do you Develop Oregano?

Rising oregano is tremendous duper simple, and you are able to do it from seed, too! Consider what your entire skilled gardener mates will say! All you want is:

  • seed beginning tray
  • oregano seeds
  • mister
  • massive, clear plastic bag
  • effectively draining potting soil

After getting all this stuff, begin out by filling the seed beginning tray with a few of that fertile, effectively draining potting soil. Moisten the soil earlier than you plant the seeds.

Place 2-3 oregano seeds per cell and really frivolously cowl the seeds with soil, as they want gentle in an effort to germinate. Keep soil moisture by persistently misting the seedlings, and by masking your complete tray with a transparent plastic bag to take care of humidiy.

The seeds ought to germinate in a brief 10-15 days. Wait till a stem has reached not less than 3-4 inches in top and has a set of true leaves earlier than transplanting the seedling into a brand new pot, or outdoor. Just remember to wait till the final risk of frost has handed earlier than transplanting outdoor.

Decide a spot in your property that receives a ton of daylight and is effectively shielded from excessive winds in your new little oregano seedlings. They need to be rising like loopy very quickly!

Focus image on growing rosettes of oregano leaves

What are some Well-liked Kinds of Oregano?

Greek Oregano/Italian Oregano (Origanum Vulgare Hirtum) – Greek oregano is also referred to as Italian oregano as a result of it is rather generally utilized in each Italian delicacies and Greek delicacies in tomato sauces, pasta sauce, marinades, olive oil vinaigrettes, and rather more.

Origanum vulgare hirtum is a modest sized plant, solely reaching a couple of foot tall, with small, olive inexperienced, ovular leaves which have that basic spicy/savory taste. That is the extra frequent oregano plant that you’ll typically discover in backyard centres or grocery shops.

Widespread Oregano (Origanum Vulgare) – frequent oregano is strictly that, frequent oregano (however additionally it is generally known as wild marjoram). That is the one that people use to make dried oregano spice, or it’s often the variability that you just’ll discover in a seed packet.

Widespread oregano is a modest sized plant with small shiny inexperienced foliage which are coated in fantastic hairs. Come early spring, the plant will blossom with tiny white flowers that odor pretty and style nice too.

Cretan Oregano (Origanum Onites) – Cretan oregano is usually mistaken for Greek oregano due to its comparable look and rising vary. Additionally it is known as wild marjoram sometimes. It’s extra typically used to make important oils due to its excessive antimicrobial exercise, whereas different species are extra often used as a culinary herb.

Lovely green leaves of a growing oregano plant


Is Mexican oregano true oregano?

Mexican oregano (lippia graveolens) isn’t a real oregano plant, however it will get that frequent title as a result of it seems to be, tastes, smells, and is utilized in a really comparable trend as true oregano is. It’s a small shrub that grows all all through the southern United States and Mexico and has savory spicy leaves.

How do you utilize dried oregano?

Dry oregano is a quite common ingredient that you just’ll discover in nearly anyones pantry. Dry oregano is nice as a result of you’ll be able to incorporate it right into a sauce based mostly with tomatoes, a stew, soup, or marinade early on and the leaves gained’t wilt. It provides an excellent kick of savory taste, although it’s much less punchy than contemporary oregano.

Is it simple to make a dried flower association?

In case you’re eager on making a dried flower association with dried oregano flowers, this may simply be achieved. All it’s important to do is collect your flowers into bundles and tie them along with twine.

From right here, choose a spot in your house that receives direct daylight and has nice aeration. Go away the bundles there for 1-2 weeks and they need to be dry very quickly.

What’s oregano important oil used for?

Oregano important oil has been utilized in people medication for a lot of centuries, and for good cause too! It’s stuffed to the brim with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, it’s antifungal and antibacterial, and might help with just about any ailment you’ll be able to consider.

How do you utilize the contemporary leaves of an oregano plant?

Oregano is superior both as a contemporary herb or a dried herb. If you wish to use the contemporary leaves, it’s higher to include them on the finish of your cooking as a garnish or simply earlier than it’s served.

It’s because the contemporary oregano leaves can brown or wilt in the event that they’re left soaking in an excellent sizzling combination for a very long time.

What flower coloration is an oregano plant?

The flower coloration of an oregano plant will differ in line with the species. White flowers are frequent, in addition to gentle pink or purple flowers.

When is the very best time for harvesting oregano?

Technically harvesting oregano can occur at any time, however there are particular instances which you could harvest oregano to make sure that you get the tastiest foliage doable. It’s best to reap oregano earlier than the plant has flowered, as that is after they style greatest. Consultants additionally say that gathering leaves within the early morning is the very best time of day to take action, as they’re essentially the most saturated with their fantastic important oils.