What’s a Gardenia Plant?

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Here is an in-depth have a look at the gardenia plant the place you may study its traits, rising situations, makes use of, and a few of its cultivars. We have additionally included attention-grabbing FAQs about these aromatic, creamy white blossoms.

Beautiful white gardenia flower sticking its head up from the evergreen shrubå

Gardenia Jasminoides

Gardenia jasminoides, or extra generally referred to as gardenia or cape jasmine, is an overwhelmingly stunning flowering plant that may be a proud member of the espresso (rubiaceae) botanical household (don’t you need to be a member of the espresso household too?!)

Very first thing’s first, if that is your first time encountering details about gardenias, you have to be warned that these aren’t straightforward crops to take care of. Many gardeners will keep away from them totally, for efforts can usually be discouraged by repeated poor outcomes. Develop gardenia provided that you actually imply it!

If this isn’t your first time encountering details about gardenias, hopefully we will present sufficient perception and recommendation to encourage you to try rising one among your individual! In spite of everything, generally a inexperienced thumb is all it takes.

Nevertheless, if a gardener determined to place in the time and effort, they might be extremely rewarded with shockingly beautiful, cream coloured flowers that scent like heaven on earth.

These tropical broadleaf evergreen crops are sometimes grown indoors as potted crops to assist preserve very best rising situations, and likewise to harness their scrumptious scent and permit it to waft by one’s residence. In any other case, they’re largely discovered rising in conservatories and greenhouses.

Focus on single white gardenia flower with velvety petals and dark green glossy foliage

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What do Gardenia Crops Look Like?

Perfect image of a single white gardenia flower in bloom amongst evergreen foliage and un blossomed flower buds


There are few flowers extra attractive that gardenia flowers. Flowers are borne both solitary or in small clusters with both single flowers, semi double or double flowers. They supply sensible distinction in opposition to the darkish, shiny evergreen foliage.

Every gardenia flower is comprised of a spiral of velvety petals which can be both creamy white or a fragile yellow coloration. Flower buds will generally bloom from mid to late spring to mid summer season, with some cultivars lasting properly into autumn as properly.

The gardenia flower can be identified for having an intoxicating perfume that may barely change in essence relying on the warmth of the day. In colder temperatures this aromatic flower may have a zesty, citrus scent, and in hotter temperatures they are going to scent like a tropical mixture of coconut and peach pores and skin.


Gardenias crops have evergreen leaves, that means that the foliage will stay inexperienced and persist all yr lengthy so long as the plant can stay in its very best rising situations. Leaves happen in reverse or whorls of three or 4 leaves per stem.

Every leaf has a broad oval form with a thick, leathery texture. Leaf coloration adjustments barely relying on the cultivar, however they’re all a shade of darkish inexperienced with a shiny texture.

Development Behavior

Gardenias may have various progress habits relying on the species. They are often something from a shrubby plant to a small tree, starting from underneath a metre in top as much as 15 metres.

They’re generally a low rising shrub with a stunning bushy form that’s naturally neatly spherical and manicured in look. Not a lot must be achieved it phrases of pruning as they’re splendidly tidy all on their very own.


As soon as a gardenia flower is fertilized, it’ll produce seeds inside a seed pod. Every capsule, or pod, will comprise a mess of seeds, making them very straightforward to reap on your subsequent season of gardenia crops. Simply do not forget that trying to begin a gardenia from seed will be very tough, and anticipate a look ahead to 2-3 years earlier than it’ll produce any flowers.

What are Some Gardenia Cultivars?

Huge white gardenia flower with yellow stamen in full bloom against glossy green evergreen leaves growing in a garden

Everblooming Gardenia (Gardenia Jasminoides “Veitchii”)

G jasminoides, or the everblooming gardenia, is a gardenia cultivar that was designed to take the entire fantastic thing about the gardenia plant however make it a decrease upkeep model of itself.

A gardenia jasminoides selection is grafted onto a sturdy rootstock that’s nematode resistant and has fewer soil, nutrient, and moisture necessities. It will possibly exist outside in USDA rising zones 8 by 11.

This cultivar seems to be similar to gardenia jasminoides, with a mounding progress behavior and lovely cream coloured flowers, however it’s merely extra dependable and much simpler to take care of.

Star Gardenia (Gardenia Grandiflora “Star”)

G grandiflora, or the star gardenia, is a cultivar that has taken the flowers of the plant and made them big, and made the remaining progress behavior extra compact.

This cultivar is an evergreen shrub with wealthy, shiny inexperienced foliage which can be bigger in measurement. Additionally they produce the identical starry flowers with unbelievable perfume on a bigger scale as properly.

The place are Gardenias a Native Plant?

A single white gardenia flower covered in rain droplets growing in a lush tropical garden

Gardenias are tropical evergreen crops which can be native to among the warmest, tropical and subtropical areas on the earth, together with Africa, Asia, Australia, Madagascar, and the Pacific Islands.

That being mentioned, they’re extraordinarily choosy crops and gained’t be discovered rising wild fairly often. They’ll exist outside in USDA rising zones 8 by 11, however needs to be introduced indoors if temperatures dip under 60 levels Fahrenheit.

In any other case, solely the true specialists actually try and develop gardenias and that’s achieved largely in greenhouses and plant conservatories.

What are the Rising Circumstances of Gardenias?

Alright of us, prepare. The gardenia plant is among the most choosy and most excessive upkeep crops one might try and develop. Following the following pointers could not even lead to a cheerful plant, so do not forget that rising gardenia needs to be designated to people who are as much as the problem!

In any other case, don’t be afraid to go to the backyard heart to buy a gardenia shrub that’s already partially established. Simply give your self a head begin since rising gardenias just isn’t for the faint of coronary heart.

Very large ornamental gardenia shrub in full bloom with white flowers growing beside a tree

Soil Kind

As a result of gardenias will be so choosy, a potting combine particular to gardenias (enhanced by peat moss and the like) has been created to offer gardeners a preventing likelihood to attain the right soil kind for a gardenia.

Plant gardenia in soil that’s excessive in acidity (round 6.0-7.0 in pH) and likewise has superb drainage. Additionally they choose to exist in acidic soil that’s wealthy in vitamins. You’ll be able to elevate the nutrient degree of your soil by incorporating natural compost to the combo earlier than planting your backyard specimen.

These acid loving crops can on the identical time be very delicate to totally different rock varieties that could be current within the soil as properly. Planting a gardenia close to a concrete wall can truly trigger the pH degree to be too excessive, and this may be detrimental to the plant’s well being.

Water Degree

The upkeep of water degree will also be a tough factor to keep up for a gardenia. Soil needs to be moist however by no means soggy, and that is the place properly drained soil comes into play.

A gardenia plant needs to be receiving a minimum of an inch of rain water per week. If that quantity of rain doesn’t happen, the plant prefers to be watered with distilled water. (If that isn’t excessive upkeep, I don’t know what’s). Watering can occur as soon as every week to assist preserve soil moisture.

Gardenias additionally actually choose to exist in areas that have excessive humidity, as indicated by their pure rising areas. Humidity is presumably extra vital than rain ranges, as this can be a nice option to deliver moisture to the roots with out the chance of over-saturation.

Solar Publicity

It’ll come as no shock to study that gardenias even have slightly particular solar publicity necessities as properly. Although they demand brilliant mild, it shouldn’t be direct. Direct daylight may cause leaf scorch and trigger the leaves to fall off.

Gardenias will carry out greatest after they obtain morning solar and afternoon partial shade. They’ll tolerate extra direct daylight if the highest soil is roofed with a layer of mulch to assist defend their delicate roots.

Incredible gardenia bushes growing through a wrought iron gate with flowers in full bloom


Gardenia crops aren’t chilly tolerant crops. They thrive in temperatures that happen between 68 and 74 levels Fahrenheit through the day, and might tolerate so long as 60 levels Fahrenheit at evening.

Exterior of those temperatures, they have to be saved indoors as a home plant. As soon as temperatures go above 60 levels Fahrenheit at evening, they’ll exist fortunately outdoors for the season. This normally happens within the early spring to late spring.


On high of needing to exist in soil tat is excessive in vitamins, gardenias can even thanks if they’re given further fertilizer throughout their rising season. Don’t be afraid to offer them fertilizer each 2-4 weeks throughout their energetic rising season, which is normally from March all the best way to October. Stop fertilizing outdoors of their energetic progress through the months of November to February.


One of many decrease upkeep elements of caring for a gardenia is pruning. They exhibit a slightly neat progress behavior all on their very own, and gained’t develop into too unruly if they don’t seem to be pruned. That being mentioned, reserve pruning for when the plant has gone dormant.

In any other case, be at liberty to deadhead your plant. This implies eradicating the pale flowers (slightly below the leaf node) to assist encourage extra blooms to return in! This fashion you may have blooming gardenia flowers for a lot of months.


It will truly be a bit of bit tough to listing out the entire issues that gardenias are illiberal of. It will be far much less time consuming to listing the issues that they’re truly tolerant of, however we’ll give the previous a attempt.

Gardenias are illiberal of nutrient poor soil, alkaline soil, or soil that’s waterlogged. They’re illiberal each of drought and of flooding, in addition to illiberal of full daylight or full shade. They don’t seem to be chilly tolerant however are additionally not tolerant of utmost warmth both.

How is a Gardenia Plant Used?

Cute image of a wicker basket filled with cut gardenia flowers sitting on a patch of grass

Decorative Plant

Gardenias are a extremely valued decorative plant. Although the persons are develop them are very area of interest, excessive dedication gardeners, the efforts they require are properly value what they’ve to supply.

These evergreen shrubs present foliage curiosity all yr lengthy. Their darkish inexperienced foliage is splendidly contrasted by creamy white flowers enhanced with intense perfume.